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Our Coaches

Janet Gonzalez
Years paddling: Oh God, 9 (years). I feel old now. 
Class of 2013
Coaching since: 2019
Advice for newbies:  All the new things to think about can get overwhelming, but don't fret! Just take it one step at a time; you'll get there, I promise! And don't be afraid to ask questions like, "wtf does 'open up' mean??"
Curtis Guinn
Years paddling: 12 years 
Class of 2010
Coaching since: One year with Dragonauts in 2011 and one year with CSULB in 2015
Advice for newbies: Try not to think about it too much.

Robert Clark
Years paddling: 15 years
Class of 2007
Coaching since: 2012
Advice for newbies: Pain is all in the mind

Sally Gee
Years paddling: 6 years
Class of 2016
Coaching since: twenty 19, aka now! ;)
Advice for newbies: Keep at it, you'll start progressing pretty quickly ;). For those that want to be more competitive, be focused on the water, pay attention to what your body is doing, and make a concentrated effort to adjust your technique from what the coaches advise.