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Aug 10, 2007

SF Tourney

Hope everyone is doing well!

Thanks to those that attended Wed practice - SF training is definitely a good time, especially with the currents on Wed night!

Please do your best and make it out to practice this weekend - we'll be spending some important time on fundamentals and technique.


Please see below for some important notes re the upcoming SF tourney (9/22-23):

Roster Status
  • So excited to have such a good amount of participation for the tournament!
  • We'll be fielding 2 mixed boats, and participating in multiple 'specialty' races - genders, masters, and visiting team.
  • With all of these races, we have a definite need and spots open for more team members - please encourage each other and sign up via evite!

  • Please get this set asap!
  • For those with reservations at the Parc55, please be sure that you've received confirmation (email) from the hotel. Double-check it and call 415-392-8000 if you want any changes.
  • We will also have some rooms at the Hilton San Francisco (one block away) as well ($139/night). Call direct to make reservations @ 1-800-445-8667 w/ group code "DRG".

Travel Arrangements to/from SF
  • If you haven't already, figure this out soon
  • Please log your travel plans into the yahoogroup database.
  • For those driving, help with equipment transport will be much appreciated!
  • For those flying, fly into SFO or Oakland. SFO (14 miles away) seems to be more convenient as there tends to be less traffic to/from the hotel.

Ground Transport at SF
  • The tourney provides a shuttle bus to/from the Parc55 & the race site
  • Rental cars are not a necessity
  • Some options for transport to/from Airport & Hotel are BART, Taxi, or Shuttle
    • BART: Parc55 (& Hilton) is located just steps from the Powell Street Stop
    • Super Shuttle service from SFO: secure via 415-558-8500. $16 per person, no reservations needed btwn 5am-4pm.

Team Dinner Saturday Night (9/22)
  • Thanks Janet for organizing! Grub Grub Grub
  • We'll need headcount for planning, so please let us know if you are attending ASAP via evite (linked from SF tourney evite)
  • Remember, Joe says NO!

Princess Responsi-Pearl demonstrating a good Space Dragon appetite.

Think that's all for now! Feel free to comment to this post if there is anything to add.
If you have any questions or want recommendations, don't hesitate to ask any of the SF vets!


And remember to get your butts to practice (even if you aren't participating in SF!).

SD Love,

P.s., we are beginning planning for the 2007 Space Dragons year-end Gala! Let the planning gurus know if you have any recommendations (Lui, Denise, Ceez). Thanks!

P.p.s., A Space Dragons facebook group has been established, join if you'd like! Great for those that want to feel like a college-kid again (like me)!