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Apr 23, 2008

Misc stuff

Friends & Family Day 2
To echo Captain Pearl's email - thanks everyone for a 2nd successful Space Dragons Friends & Family Day!

To all the coaches, organizers, folks that helped with setup --> thanks!

To all the newbies --> welcome! Hope you had a great time & hope you keep coming out & experiencing this wonderful sport & our humble team (family).

And to our neighbors KG --> thanks again for helping us out by letting us borrow a boat!

Space Dragons Event Calendar
With so many fun Space Dragons events both on and off the water, we know it can sometimes be hard to get a grasp around everything!

So, we've been maintaining the Space Dragons calendar, linked from this blog (upper right corner of page) - check it out! Hopefully this helps plan SD activities around your busy lives!

If you would like any events added to the calendar, just let one of the 'staff' members know.

Space Dragons Beach Bonfire
May 3, 3pm - Bolsa Chica
Thanks, Tina, for organizing!

Join in on the fun - please RSVP via evite!

Team Rock Climbing (indoor)
Coming soon, stay tuned - likely to be a Saturday afternoon after practice!

Many thanks to handsome-devil-climbing-instructor Devant!

Will be some great cross-training & team fun!

Portland Roster
Roster is now officially closed - hope you folks are ready for the new challenge: flag catching, huge boats, & intense competition!

Get ready to paddle with your wood paddles at practice!

Sing-along Choir Event
As many of you know, our very own Marty is not just a studly steer but also a master choir singer!

If anyone is interested, there are FREE performances (including Marty!) April 21-23 evenings @ the Orange County Performing Arts Center.

Contact Marty if you would like more info!

Janet in London (Ealing)
Had the opportunity to visit Janet for a weekend, and she's doing good!

She's working hard but of course partying hard as well. And, not to any of our suprise, she's already serving as a Social Coordinator-type for her group of coworkers and friends. Other Space Dragons visiting her later on will have a blast (I certainly did!)

And of course, when she does come back, she'll be in awesome shape - she has a full scale gym on her bottom floor of her very chic apartment!
No excuses, right Janet? :)

Much love,