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May 2, 2008

Team Email

Mighty Space Dragons!

Team announcements from the SD board to the Space Dragons distribution will now be coming from

Expect a weekly or so team announcements email - & a few others here and there for specific items, esp around tourney time.

Please be sure to update your spam filters to allow mail to come from this email addy. Those of you with work emails on the distribution, if you suspect that you might be getting some mail filtered, go ahead and email and give us an alternative email.

If you have any news that you'd like broad casted to the team or posted on the blog, please forward to & we'll get it out accordingly! Ditto for any edits to the distribution list (new email addies, new paddlers, etc.).

Pearl & Wade

P.s., please be sure to continue to stay up-to-date with your evite responses! Evite links can be conveniently found in the team email signature. Thanks.