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Jul 15, 2008

From Yonnie & Joe

To LARD and Space Dragons,

Thank You for the surprise celebration for Joe and I!!! I can totally
feel the "LOVE" from you guys and I am very proud of being part of
teamLARD and of course Joe is proud of being part of the Space Dragons.

Looking back, it's been 6 years I've been with the team and because of
LARD, Joe and I met and now we are married. And because of LARD, Joe
had the opportunity to sharpen his paddling techniques (Joe - "whatever"),
bringing his experience to Space Dragons and growing his team from there.

You guys mean so much to us and we are very happy that both teams get
along so well and we are now 'related".

I was actually speechless that day when I found out so many of you were
at the bridge waiting (I was like why are there so many people at the
bridge, thinking there might be a marathon event going on, but then when
I looked closer, I saw Will, Leon, Jeff, Emily, Felicia, ... and I thought
why are there so many of you guys hanging out at the bridge. They probably
have too much free time on their hands. They should be paddling hard and
gearing up for LB). Plus, I was thinking why are there quite a few paddlers
carrying a camera around, and Phil is filming the boat while we're heading
out for our second lap. Some people I didn't see for a while suddenly showed
up at practice. Will disappeared from practice and why Scott (LARD coach)
telling our boat to close eyes paddle from bridge to bridge (I was like
"shouldn't we be utilizing the time to do race sets to get ready for LB instead
of close eyes paddling???"). Now, I can put all the pieces together.

Thanks Wade and Will for organizing this special celebration! I am sure
it's not an easy task to do especially keeping this secret from Joe.
Thanks Tran (SD) for doing the banner! Thanks Susie (SD) for having
flower petals ready (it looked awesome on the water). Thanks Phil for
filming the event, Matt, Jimmy, Jeff, Yang, David for taking pictures...
and THANK YOU everyone! I am sorry if I missed out some names.
I'm really bad with names (just like Joe).

Anyhow, you guys got us good. Joe and I really appreciate all the things
you guys do for us. Thank you for the card and gift! We love you guys.

See you all at practice!


Yonnie and Joe