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Aug 21, 2008

SF is a lot closer than you might think ...

SF Tournament - October 4 & 5

Weeks away: 6

We've had a GREAT, BEST-EVER type competitive season so far.
Let's do it - and each other - honor and finish it up the right way!

The SF tournament will provide us the strongest competition we've faced all year, and a great format where every race will matter & where races get tighter and more intense with each passing heat.

Can YOU be in better shape in October than you are today?
Can YOU be a more technically-sound & stronger paddler?
Can YOU reach deep to provide the important finish surge for the guaranteed tight-races ahead?

Cause that's what we'll need for continued "No Regrets" & a fitting, strong finish to this great competitive season - we can do it!

See you on the water for our very important practices ...
and keep up your off-water training -
your best & toughest workouts should be the ones you have when no one else is watching.