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Sep 24, 2008

Important SF Logistics

Last tournament of the year - going to be a blast!

Please review info below - & help spread the word & take care of one another, as always.
Any questions - contact Wade ().

12 Vets share recommendations for the race (~6 minute video):

Event Website -
Team Bios, race rules, course information, vendors, entertainment, etc are all posted.
Take a look.

Transportation to the Hilton SF Financial District Hotel
Options from SF or Oakland Airports:
  • BART - exit Montgomery Station. Hotel is 7.5 blocks away (~14 minute walk) - see map below. ~$6 for 1-way fare, travel time approx 30 minutes.
  • SuperShuttle
  • Taxi. ~$40, approx 20 minute ride.
  • Limo (surprisingly comparable rate to Taxi)
Hotel Address:
750 Kearny Street
San Francisco, California
USA 94108
Tel: +1-415-433-6600

For those driving, parking is ~$51 a day (not a typo).

Map - BART Montgomery Station to Hilton SF Financial District Hotel:

Hotel Lodging

Coordinate both your arrival times & lodging expenses directly with your roommates.
(And help each other get out of bed Sat & Sun morning)

Remember that the hotel will charge an extra fee ($25) for any known additional roommates above the standard 2 guests.

Kevin reports that the hotel provides free wireless.

Transport to/from Race Site
A free shuttle bus service to/from tourney hotel & race site is provided - no rental cars needed.
Organizers will likely post a shuttle schedule in the hotel lobby.

On Friday night, review the schedule and be sure to be on time Sat early AM for the Space Dragons bus - do NOT be late - & expect an early wake-up!Sunday will follow similar protocol.

For those driving directly to the race site (TI) - contact the coaches to coordinate a race-site call time. See the website for driving directions.

Friday Paddler's Party
Meet @ the Hilton Lobby @ 4:45pm to walk over as a team.
The lovely Tran will be collecting $5 from each of you for the VIP entry.
Give Tran a big hug (& your $) for arranging the pre-order tickets.

Party location (5-8pm):
111 Minna Gallery at 2nd Street between Howard and Mission
1 mile from hotel

Have a good time - but watch your alcohol consumption, & use the 2-for-1 rule:
2 glasses of water for every glass of wobbly-pop.
You'll need to be @ 100% for the loads of racing during the weekend.

Food @ the Tournament Site
Unless you are Joe, Denise, Marina, Robert, or Mayana - you are being included in the team group lunch order for the tournament.

Please pay $10 to Wade.
Lunch on Saturday is Subway sandwiches.
Sunday is Teriyaki Chicken Bowls.

Ripple FX is kindly providing us breakfast, snacks, and beverages on both days.
Feel free to bring your own as well, and share :).

Plenty of food vendors on site as well.

Team Dinner - Saturday Night
The first ever Ripple Space team dinner!
Currently planned for a convenient & tasty locale within walking distance to the hotel.
Thank you, Ripple, for coordinating!!

Things to bring (recommendations)
  • $
  • The usual competition paddling gear + uniform (jersey + dark bottoms)
  • Cold weather clothing @ tournament - Under Armor-type garments are a good idea
  • Casual warm clothing for team dinner / out-and-about
  • Cameras / Camcorders
  • Sunblock
  • Towel
  • Extra Jersey to trade
  • No need for beach chairs/tents - Ripple Fx is kindly providing.

Paddle Transport

For those flying, please plan on packing your PFD with you.
As for your paddle, you can ask a driver to bring it up for you (e.g., Joe).
Simply drop it off @ practice.

For those that prefer a designated equipment drop-off, there will be one at Space Park (Redondo Beach) at 4:30pm Thurs Oct 2nd - same spot as usual.

Thank you, drivers, for helping bring paddles up!

Any issues or questions during race weekend?Contact Wade, Pearl, Joe, Em, Denise, or any vets
Wade -

Race Day Requests
  • Eat light & eat for fuel
  • Stay hydrated - even if its cold out
  • Be on time for stretches, marshaling
  • Stay off your feet & rest up between races - it's a long weekend
  • If you wander off, let folks know where you're headed. Playing hide-and-go-seek during Marshalling is NOT fun
  • Make sure everyone wears a PFD

  • As always - be sure to thank the race organizers & volunteers. Loads of effort go into organizing these events, and they've always done a good job putting on a race 'for paddlers by paddlers'.
  • Also be sure to give a bunch of love to our host/sister team Ripple Effect!
  • Remember that you reppin' the entire team when you up there.
  • Above all else, have a good (& safe) time!