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Sep 9, 2008

Team Biking this weekend

Bring your bike & gear to practice on Saturday if you want to join in!
Thanks, Jason, for coordinating!

September 13th Bike Ride

This ride is mostly to help prepare for the Bay to Bay bike ride, however, everyone on the team is invited.

We will start from Mothers Beach then head south down the PCH to the Huntington Beach Pier and then return. It is just over 20 miles total, since we took the same route last week we may change it up a little.

It sounds like there will be a much larger group this week, so we may divide the road bikers and mountain bikers up into two groups.

Plan on the ride starting about 45 minutes after the land workout approximately 10:45. This will give us all enough time to eat a light snack (bananas, apple, Clif bar, etc.) and rest a little. Make sure to eat light, fast digesting carbs, nothing too heavy. We can gorge ourselves after the ride. Make sure to have plenty of water or, preferably, sports drink with you.

You will have to wear a bike helmet.

**If you want a good endurance challenge start with the 7am run, hit paddling practice hard, then the land workout, followed by the bike ride. It’s about five hours of exercise, but worth the pain!!**

If you have not signed up for the Cycling Team please do so now. There is only about 4 weeks left until the bike Tour and it is already 80% sold out, so time and space are running out! See you on Saturday.

Here is the link to sign up

Here is the Cycling Weblog link