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Sep 4, 2008

Thank you for Hurting us

Just a special mid-week shout-out & Space Love to our resident fitness gurus, coaches, motivators, and team trainers Joe & Rod!

Joe & Rod sit in dark corners and scheme new and innovative ways to mold us into machines, accomplish our fitness goals, and get each of us into great shape.
In other words, they plan ways to hurt us.

And they diligently bring the scary tools to do it each week.

Thanks, guys!

Keep up the workouts, Space Dragons, and push yourself each time to be faster, stronger.

And for those that haven't experienced it of late - join in the fun & experience the burn:

Saturdays @ 10:00 AM

And join in for cardio conditioning (jogs, sprints):
Saturdays & Sundays @ 7:00 AM
Wednesdays @ 8:00 PM