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Nov 20, 2008

Kim & his Pipes & Hoses

All of you know our very own Kim Bushong as a passionate paddler & great teammate, but most may not know about this humble man's very impressive resume as an accomplished professional endurance athlete and sponsored multiple-time champion in offshore Jet Ski racing.

Google Kim and read about his exploits here, here, here, here, and here.

Don't blush, Kim :).

Kim's got some great race stories - like how he got stranded by himself something like 10 miles off-shore on top of a sinking watercraft due to an equipment failure - ask him sometime.

Below he shares a classic picture & interesting experience from this past weekend ...

"... I had to ride my jet ski up onto a plywood ramp to get the back end of it out of the water for some work. On the first try I only made it about three feet up the ramp, it was like glue. On the second attempt I gave it a little more throttle, I thought, and not only cleared the ramp, but slid over an additional 15 feet of dock then continued to slide over about 20 feet of concrete before coming to rest against the concrete foundation of a building, I also nipped a couple of acetylene tanks that were against the building. The workers came outside to hear what the clang was when the tanks banged against each other.

In the photo we had already moved the 1000 lb. beast about 20 feet, ancient Egyptian style by putting those round pvc pipes under it and rolling it back toward the water. As far as the race weekend went, mechanical failures though out, we decided it's time to pull the engine out and clean everything up and put new hoses and fasteners, I guess I spent too much time paddling and not enough time with my head inside the engine compartment."