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Nov 18, 2008

Opportunity to put our logo on your undies!

Awesome Space Dragons,

Show your Space Dragon pride!!
Upon popular demand, I will be doing more screen printing of the Space Dragons logo on personal items (SD Logo-izing).

SD paddlers have been using SD wear around town for years now. I've seen it on hoodies of all colors and have seen them on jerseys used for practice. I've seen it on underwear too!! You can have some made for trading after tournaments and SD wear make great gifts for Christmas. My grandsons will be blessed with toddler and kid sized SD hoodies!! (They out grown them!!)

As a reminder, SD Logo-izing can be done on your favorite sportswear, pajamas or underwear. However, it will not stick to terry cloth, fleece and rain gear type materials.

Price is $5 for each logo. Front or back. $10 for both front and back.

People was also inquiring about (and not much people know about) embroidery for fitted caps. See below of the design of the embroidery. We have different color fitted caps that can be made. Available colors are white, pink, baby blue, navy, black and of course, Sacred SD Royal blue. I think the SD royal blue ones are available up to 7 1/8 only. Please find out what your hat size is and I will see if it is available.

You may also bring in your own hat or beanie also to have embroidered also. Please show them to me first because they may not approve of certain types of materials (like knitted beanies) and hat styles (They would laugh if you ask them to put it one a Indiana Jomes type hat).

Note: Although there is no law from the Space Dragon gods on what color headwear we can use during tournaments, I am sure we can appease them if we had some kind of uniformity. Lets (try to) keep the SD royal blue and black caps for wear "Inside The Boat" during tournaments and the off color ones for whenever else you want wear it. May the god, Donna Batangan, mother of SD, strike you down with a bolt of lightning if you paddled with a green hat during a tournament!!

Price is $10 per fitted cap, unless you have your own, which is $5. I will ask if they can embroider the SD logo (hat one) on clothing or jackets too.

Sorry for the short notice, but please get me your items to be embroidered or screen printed (with monies if possible) as soon as possible. People may want to send their SD Christmas gifts out early!!

Space Dragon Pride!!