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Jan 27, 2009

International Paddling Opportunities

Ahoy all jet-setting Space Dragons!

2009 offers many fabulous festivals and exciting races the world over (especially China!)

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  • Zhaoquing Int'l DB Festival: May 23-24

  • Zhanjiang Int'l DB Festival: May 27-28

  • Huizhou Int'l DB Festival: May 29-31

  • Guangzhou 13th Int'l DB Festival: June 4-7

  • 2nd Bin Lake Wuxi Int'l Youth Invitational: April 25-26

  • 2nd Wujin Int'l DB Invitation: April 30-May 1

  • "Jia Geng Cup" "Jing Xian Cup" Channe DB Invitational: May 23-24

  • Suzhou River Shanghai DB Invitational: May 24

  • 1st Jialing River China Int'l DB Invitational: May 28-29th

  • 6th Nanning Int'l DB Invitational: June 6

  • Fangcheng Harbor Int'l DB Invitational: June 6

  • 12th Ningbo Int'l DB Invitational: TBC

  • Shenzhen Int'l DB Invitational: TBC