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Mar 22, 2009

It's LATE!!!

Had you worried for a bit eh?

Well, we didn't forget...and we use protection.

It is time to unveil Ms. March. Or shall we say...Princess March?

Yup that's right!! Ms. March is our very own Princess Pearl!!

Pearl Fung
Ms. March 2009

Ms. March: Princess Pearl Fung

DOB: Sometime in March (afraid to be dunked)

Likes: Besides raiding tombs, Princess Pearl likes...kicking people in the nuts, booting boys in the head, anything with peanuts, punctuality, pink drinks, things that begin with “P”, being called “a Princess”

Dislikes: Getting hit in the head by errant soccer balls, slow walking people, being stared at by manufacturing department employees in building R6, being called “Spoiled”

Pearl’s favorite quote: “"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love." -- Albert Einstein”

Relationship status: Sorry fellas, Pearl is in a relationship!!! (Ladies should see victory photos of Vegas circa 2007)

We may have overheard Pearl say these wise words on dragon boating:“ If you paddle next to me, and you are breathing harder than I am after a race set, I’m in better shape than you are!!...Galen, you fatty! Why don’t you workout more?”

If you would like to meet Princess March - Come to a Space Dragon practice near you!

Afraid you can’t make it out to Long Beach to see your favorite calendar Space Dragon? Don’t worry! The Space Dragon Calendar shall start our tour around the Nation. First stop: Tempe Town Lake from 3/28-3/29!