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Mar 24, 2009

Paddler Spotlight - Janice and Brian!

Janice: Dumaguete City Philippines. Came to the States at the age of 4 years
Brian: Harrison, ME

Janice: 4/20
Brian: 4/14

Favorite Food(s)?
Janice: Anything and Everything edible. Italian, Sushi, Vietnamese, Korean BBQ (BEEF) tops the list.
Brian: lobster, steaks, sandwiches, pizza, sushi, pasta, burgers, spam in various forms, most Filipino food - except bagoong, panda express orange chicken, I eat everything, I’m not picky.

How long have you been paddling for?
Janice: Off season 2005.
Brian: 2.5 years

Why do you paddle?
Janice: Love the pain paddling has to offer. Just the fact that its a different kind of workout. Dragon Boating does not feel like an obligation its fun to do…
Brian: competition, fitness, and fun

Are you a better Paddler when you are Happy or Angry?
Janice: Are you, kidding me... definitely ANGRY....CONTROLLED ANGER....I'm angry now.....let's go Galen....all kidding aside..there is nothing soooo motivating than hearing another team TRASH TALK.......ooooooooh!!!!
Brian: Neither really I’m a better paddler when I am focused, but I guess if I had to choose it'd be angry since it gives you more adrenaline and makes you paddler harder and want to win. Happy would make endorphins and while they feel good they don't boost your muscles and make you paddle harder

Favorite or notable Space Dragon moment(s)?
Janice: Like everyone else, so many. But I remember back in 2006 in Tempe when we only had 14 Paddlers (almost a boat) and had to ask San Diego Team if we can borrow 2 of their Paddlers, (look how many members we have now) CT paddling (against his will) ask Pearl and Em about this poor guy and battling hail, thunder storm, gusting winds, a lot of rain and all we had was a small portable heater to keep 14 members warm....good times.
Brian: Las Vegas race 2 years ago when we won the whole tourney and then got stuck in the sand bank.
Men’s huli in SF last year and getting launched into the freezing water
Circle of love after long beach each year
Portland rose festival last year, flag catching style, paddling those monster boats with paddles taller than some of our short females. Those boats were so heavy, but it was so much fun.
Road trips to Tempe, and dealing with Deej, Tammy, and Mayra all pissing and moaning the whole 7 hours home, while me, Ceez, and Jesus cracked jokes trying to keep each other sane. Girls “It’s cold turn the heat on, its too hot roll down the window, stop braking so fast, why are you driving so fast, my seat belts stuck, your feet stink, I’m hungry, stop turning so much, who farted, the radio is too loud, wait what did he say I can’t hear, don’t look at me like that, why you talking so loud, stop whispering, why’s it taking so long to get home” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I WISH I was joking

How do you prepare yourself for a Race?
Janice: Get sufficient amounts of nourishment and sleep the night before
Brian: Lots of rest, and try to eat healthy during the week of the tournament, stay relaxed and ignore that whole BS about Joe says no, what a load of crock!
(Editorial note: Joe still says NO!!! Especially Tempe folk going out there this weekend!)

Any hobbies, activities, interests outside of paddling?
Janice: Taking pictures, Love trail and desert hikes, biking, just started outrigging anything outdoors.
Brian: Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins (hockey not UCLA), Celtics, brewing beer with all my new equipment, hiking, mountain biking, softball, soccer, football, skiing and snowboarding, target shooting, golfing, hockey, fishing, pretty much I’m down for anything and everything except for basketball, used to be good in grade school now I’m not, I can accept that, lets move on.

Any advice for new Paddlers?
Janice: Be patient, stay with it, hang in there...."I promise the pain will NEVER GO AWAY" ... but fun times will keep on going!!! (can't say I lied to you.)
Brian: Don’t fear the early start time, once you get to the beach you can look around and realize everyone else is just as tired as you. It’s going to hurt that day, the next day, and maybe the day after that, just take it easy and pay attention you’ll get the hang of it. It’s easy to be a good paddler, it’s hard to be a great paddler. Lastly REMEMBER YOUR BUTT PAD! After my first practice I couldn’t sit down for a few days no joke.

Paddling-wise, any particular goals for yourself or the team?
Janice: Paddling as one, paddle hard, paddle strong both mentally and physically.
Brian: Win! I can’t stand losing, and who wants to celebrate mediocrity? Short term I’d like to see us make a run on some of the strong teams in Tempe. Long term keep the general mood of the team constant at having fun but being competitive. Usually the more competitive you are the less fun you become, why can’t we do both?

If you could change one thing about the Team, what would it be?
Janice: Absolutely nothing in terms of camaraderie and team spirit...why would you?!!! Be stronger, leaner, faster like machines....jk
Brian: Saturday practice time to 9am its amazing to me how much easier it is to get up for Sunday practices.
Honestly I’d also change the way we assign the boats red and blue and it’d be based on something a lot more technical than practice attendance, I think it’s kind of silly especially if we really want to be more and more competitive. We need to ERG test or do OC testing, fitness challenge, or something solid (let’s be creative) so we know we have the best possible team on the water.

Favorite part about being a Space Dragon?
Janice: This team knows how to eat and have fun together. We have become an extended family to each other and I think that is a great asset for SD.
Brian: Being a space dragon and having that camaraderie with all of you. Nice to go on all the trips with people who enjoy the same things I do.

You have a single brother or sister. What Space Dragon would you consider hooking them up with?
Janice: I had a single Bro or Sis which I don't....hard to say.... leave this one alone. We do have a lot o sexy felines and toothsome men in the SD world
Brian: Sorry sister is married, she’s off the market.

Most interesting character you've met through the team?
Janice: OMG!!!! Cz ... Deej ... Tammy ... Alex ... Galen ... David ... Jason H ... Brian K. ... if you know them and you all do ... then you know why ... lovable ... funny ... hyper .... NAUGHTY ... "FIST-full" of fun ... etc etc
Brian: Galen is “interesting” Devant cracks me up, Jason good ole farm boy like myself, Rod the gentle giant, Joe the humble giant, Robert never met anyone with a tail, can’t believe you’ve grown it that long!

Any interesting facts about yourself - or secrets that you want to divulge?
Janice: HECK NO!!!
Brian: Here’s a secret for, you know that filter people have that stops them from saying things sometimes, well mine broke long ago so I just spit out whatever comes to mind. If that bothers you I’d recommend you refrain from talking to me about sensitive or stupid stuff I’m a straight talking, brutally honest, no BS talker so you’re going to get 20 cents when you only asked for 2, you’re welcome.

Who got you into Space dragons/Dragonboating?
Janice: Freakin Terry... and yes he lied to me ... dunno what happened to him ... but I'm glad he dragged me out.
Brian: Ceez did, he said softball was for sissies, and I should try a real man’s sport, he also showed me some pics of the team and I thought a couple of the girls were cute, mainly Emily, so had to come check them out. In hindsight glad Emily turned me down cause we have become great friends, neighbors, and I met my beautiful fiancĂ© Aileen who is all I could even ask for and more. Thanks Em ha ha

Is Galen a hottie?
Janice: Sizzling!!!
Brian: That’s like asking “is the sun bright?” or “is grass green?” and of course the answer is; nope question about it...he most definitely is!