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Mar 27, 2009

Tempe Bound!

Paddlers are you ready?

Attention Please!

Tempe Paddlers are GO for launch tomorrow.

As always arrive safe, have fun, and enjoy yourselves! 
Remember, as of right now, YOU ARE THE BEST paddler in the world and don't let anyone tell you otherwise(until after the weekend).  

Non-Tempe paddlers, you get the weekend off.  Relax, read a book,  sleep in, veg on the couch a bit, and enjoy your days of rest.  

Also don't forget - next weekend is our Friends and Family day.  Go out there and recruit a bunch of hotties/stud muffins/ some really strong dude or chick or just that random stranger you always wanted to say "Hi" to but couldn't work up the courage.  

This is the PERFECT excuse to saddle up next to them, lean in close, and whisper in their ear... "Galen is one hot sexy mofo and IS SINGLE!"  ohh and I guess you should tell them to come out next Sunday.

See you on the water!