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Apr 27, 2009

Food for Thought...

Worried about Em's Fried Chicken habit? Well KFC was too and so to hook up their best customer and her friends they have unveiled Kentucky Grilled Chicken. In order to celebrate this launch, they decided to hook us up with some freebies on Monday, 4/27

What? You want more than 1 day of free chicken? Why not taste the fire with a Space Dragon special tomorrow, Tuesday, 4/28. Free leg and thigh for Space Dragons and anyone else who hits up an El Pollo Loco.

Baskin-Robbins heard about the deals that KFC, El Pollo Loco, and Ben and Jerry's have with Space Dragons so they came up with 31 Cent Scoop Night on Wednesday, April 29th from 5 to 10 P.M. This is in honor of Space Dragonicity and friends...ohh and I guess, National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) National Junior FirefighterProgram. Participating stores will reduce prices of 2.5 oz. scoops to 31 cents plus tax where applicable. Limit 3 scoops per person. At select local stores throughout the country, you may also have a chance to donate to your local fire station. I heard a rumor that firefighters will be there to serve Space Dragons...but then again maybe not...