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Jun 26, 2009

Off to the Spa this weekend? How about some wine tasting?

You'd likely run into one of our lovely ladies who are off to enjoy their well deserved time away from the stinky boys.

Meanwhile, Joe 2.0, Head Muhfugger, and Eye-smoocher will be holding practice on SUNDAY 6/28. We're only 5 weekends away from Big LB and one of them weeks is 4th of July weekend. The need to recruit is now. Bring them all out, get them to enjoy the sport this weekend then whack them when Joe and Emily are back.

Ohh as an added benefit, Coach Denise "my-arm-has-fallen-off-but-Im-still- coming-out-to-coach" and Coach Janice "I-work-odd-hours-and-get-no-weekends-off-but-Im-still- coming-out-to-coach" will be there this Sunday.

I hope the ladies will enjoy their mani-pedis, facials, and other non-testosterone related activities as we sweat and toil away.
Everyone else will just have to deal with free popcorn or BOGO jamba juice.