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Jul 17, 2009

Paddler Spotlight - George "Panda" Toy!

San Francisco

I'm a Leo. I'm not getting dunked! - Good thing Galen knows that SOME Leos are born on: 7/22

Favorite Food(s)?
Pandas eat Bamboo Leaves and Bamboo Shoots.... but I can be a carnivore..... I'm open to try anything........Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Brazilian, Hawaiian.....

How long have you been paddling for?
6 years ? I don't remember...... The Space Dragons was a seasonal team when I joined.

Why do you paddle?
To socialize, exercise and be out in the sun.

Are you a better Paddler when you are Happy or Angry?
Neither. Emotions slows me down. I want to be focused on the caller and the strokes and get the job done.

Favorite or notable Space Dragon moment(s)?
1. Hosting SD's 1st year-end party at my house, watching everyone do boat races in my back yard and worrying about Alex (Skyscraper) crashing through the glass pane or screen of my sliding back door.
2. The exhilaration, dancing and cheering when we took 1st place at
Las Vegas for the 250 m and 500 m races in 2007.
3. Joe breaking down and crying out of sheer happiness and joy for the team's accomplishments.

How do you prepare yourself for a Race?
I would calm and quiet my mind right before each race.

Any hobbies, activities, interests outside of paddling?
I love listening to music..... my taste in music spans the spectrum: Pop, rock, disco, 80's and 90's canto-pop, J-pop, chinese classical, hip hop, Taiko, oldies..... just anything that sounds good to me... even Chinese opera. I also like gardening. I like mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and watching my plants grow. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and it's great exercise. I would like to get back into hiking one of these days.

Any advice for new Paddlers?
Go to Ikea and get one of those round cushy foamy pads for your seat.

Paddling-wise, any particular goals for yourself or the team?
I want to continue paddling until my final days in this realm so I'm paying extra attention to my noisy creaking, cracking and popping shoulder. As for the team, I want to see the team continue to grow, get stronger and mightier BUT also remain the most friendly and fun team in So Cal.

If you could change one thing about the Team, what would it be?
I want to teach Joe to read numbers on his GPS. When he says he wants us to do a 750 m run I want him to stop us when it displays seven five zero NOT nine five zero.

Favorite part about being a Space Dragon?
The people and energy. The hilarious, silly and NC-17 conversations on the boat that makes Joe shake his head and bury his face in his hands.

You have a single brother or sister. What Space Dragon would you consider hooking them up with?
Sorry but he lives in Northern California.

Most interesting character you've met through the team?
Everyone is an interesting character..... I can't decide.

Any interesting facts about yourself - or secrets that you want to divulge?
My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.....Is that interesting enough? ...... I used to study and practice Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Muay Thai when I was younger. I got knocked around a lot..... Hmmmm, maybe that explains a lot of things about me?!!!

Who got you into Space dragons/Dragonboating? And How did you meet him/her?
Dave Soo Hoo, an old vet - as well. I've known him for many many many moons.........long before many Space Dragons were even conceived or born.