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Jul 21, 2009

Zip Zip Zooooooooom!

During our Space Dragon adventure to Vancouver, 13 adventurers journeyed to Whistler for a zipline tour situated in an ancient rainforest that divides Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

The drive up to Whistler was beautiful! An unscheduled stop at Shannon Falls provided an opportunity to stretch our legs and take a couple of pictures. When we reached Whistler we had a bit of time for shopping and lunch before our tour began. All of us were very excited to begin the tour. Before we even left the tour facility, we were assisted into the harnesses that would become our lifelines for the next two hours, and then were driven up to the first zip line. On the way up we got a glimpse of the bobsled/luge track that would be used in the Olympics. Our two wonderful guides "showed us the ropes" on our first zipline and then sent us down on our initial attempts at flight where we soared 200 feet above the forest floor, at speeds up to 80 mph. As we zipped our way through the forest, we posed for cameras, flipped up-side-down and figured out how to take videos while zipping!!

Throughout the tour we experienced five zip lines, suspension bridges, hiking from point to point under the beautiful forest canopy and gained valuable information from our guides about the nature and wildlife that surrounded the area. Fly like an eagle is their motto and that's truly what we did!!!