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Aug 10, 2009

The Innerworkings of Calendar Making...

Wonder how we do it over here?

Well, every month Ceez sends me a pic of someone on the team and somehow they make the calendar. (Yes, these pictures are amazingly real...I have not edited them in any way. Not sure where Ceez finds all of these quality pictures but SDs are deffinately a sexy SEXY group.)

That said, this month Ceez thought about Mr August and threw this together for him...isn't it cute that he thought of...

Ceez's Mr. August:
Phil “the Animal” Munguia

Name: Phil “the Animal” Munguia
DOB: March 25th
Hometown: El Salvador

Likes: Bicycling, kayaking, salsa dancing, mentoring fellow El Salvadorean Rico “Suave” Rivas to be a macho latino, grubbing on pupusas at Sol Maya, L&Ls with a side of Yum Yum, climbing Alex the “SkyScraper”, hula dancers that swing their hips like Deej and Kat, kissing Ceez, and biking behind the apple bottomed Blanca. Puckering up in public for special occasions and being an awesome mighty Space Dragon.

Dislikes: Video cameras, people who go nuts when the Lakers win/lose championships, rumors, rumors that he purposely let Ceez kiss him on the lips, sandbaggers, BMWs with engines that break down, jerks, and when people look at his boys when he wears tight biker shorts to practice.

Relationship Status: This smooth latin lover is single .....(Galen, put some of your magic here!!!) Ed Note: this is the part where Ceez may have asked me to make Phil be even better than the perfect gentleman he is (Did you know that the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" was modeled after the stud up there? You should come see him at a SD practice.) However, since someone was unable to profess his (or maybe her) true love to Phil...I shall now unveil the true Mr. August...

The REAL Mr. August:
Caesar "Ceez" Longboy

Name: Caesar "Ceez" Longboy
DOB: August 30th
Hometown: Where else do you grow up with a name like Longboy? Hawaii!

Likes: Deej, Coaching, paddling, softballing, equipment managering, weight balancing, 5AM Space Dragon related emails, Poi Pounders, L&L bbq, Muhfuggers, Su-Sus, Photochop, starting the Circle of Love, getting new paddlers out to practice, adding to Rod and Joe's gun show. Latino, good looking, Space Dragons that pucker up to him. Kissing in public for special occasions and being an awesome mighty Space Dragon.

Dislikes: Weak knees, Video cameras, kissing caught on film, working weekends and odd hours, webmasters that hijack his original idea and turn it into their own gains.

Relationship Status: Sorry guys and girls, as evidence from above, Ceez IS taken. Time to set your sights on other men. ( AHEM- I think a certain webmaster is single...)

Important Dates in August:

August 2: George “Panda” Toy’s Birthday

August 5: Bowling Night Cerritos Lane

August 7: Newbie Ana Morales’ Birthday

August 10: “Kitty” Kat Smith’s Birthday

August 12: Regular practice resumes

August 16: Jennifer “Mariah Carey” Zhao’s Birthday

August 16: Lake Gregory/Arrowhead Race

August 29 & 30: Tentative dates for our Garage Sale and Boat Maintenance

August 30: Caesar's 36th Birthday

Roar! I am Ceez! Come out to practice and be ready for some Fierce Kitty Action Paddling!