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Sep 7, 2009

A Successful Space Dragon Male Sale...I mean Yard Sale!

Space Dragons do it again! Another successful yard sale…
The weekend was hot and the selling was brisk! Space Dragons had another very successful yard sale on Aug. 29th. Morning crew was busy from the start, setting up and organizing all the donations for sale, and customers started arriving early, early, early…

Selling was brisk…..

And then the craziness started….

The weather was hot so we needed a dip in the pool…

All in all a very successful yard sale! This was our most successful to date – we raised over $1,250!!! Many, many thanks go out to all the people who helped out –

Jeremy Sander (CJ) for hosting, bathroom facilities and everything else!

Everyone – Tran, Jason, Kat, Wade, Joe & Yonnie, Mayana & Robert, Marina, Phil, Remi, Kmak, Brian, Rick, Allan, Davin, Esther, Edie, Susie, Rod, Grace, George, Devant, Blanca, Turtle, Cz, Deej, Lewis, Janice, and EVERYONE who came out to help set-up, brought food, water, donations, mojitos, water for the pool, and helped clean-up! Wow….!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!! Here are more pictures….