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Oct 19, 2009

Marty says "Thanks!"

I love the SD family. When one of us gets down, we all reach down and pick them up. Marty wanted to say, "Thanks" for thinking of him in his time of need...

I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to everyone who's already e-mailed or called with condolences about my dad's passing on Thursday. I'm honored and flattered by you all, but not at all surprised; that's the kind of thing this team is about.
I'll miss you all Sunday; I'm actually fine emotionally to come to practice, but I'll be on a flight back East where the family is getting together for services and mutual support. I'll be back with you all next week; and looking forward to getting on the water again.
I'm doing OK with this. I went through it about 11 years ago when my mom passed away, and I expect to react about the same way. I went through Thursday in kind of a stunned mode, had a thorough crying jag while on the phone with a friend Thursday night, and since then I've actually felt quite normal; but I know from 11 years ago that I'll likely be going through those phases alternately for probably several months. It's part of life; it's all good.
Dad was 96, and actually was doing fine for his age, living on his own, doing all his own shopping, tending his garden, visiting my sister and her family and her son's family on a regular basis, etc. He even played chess the day before with my brother-in-law, as they've regularly done every few days for a while now. He had enough joint pain and the like that he moved real slow, used a walker etc. but he was doing OK health-wise, and his mind was still incredibly sharp. All that really happened was that his 96-year-old heart decided it had run out of beats.
He had a good, full run. He got to not just see, but play with, his great-grandkids; not too many people get to say that. So although there will be plenty of tears out of the family in Moorestown, NJ, over the next several days, this gathering will mostly be in celebration of a life well lived. His legacy is four great kids (well, three great kids and me, anyway) who all turned out well, all managed to make it through college and at least some post-grad work (including one PhD and one DDiv), a half-dozen grandkids at least three of whom are pushing through their college careers, and two great-grandkids and counting (one grandkid has twins on the way!).
Take Care, thanks again, and cya all soon,