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Nov 16, 2009

Ms. November!

Ms. November:
Tammy Cobb

Name: Tammy Cobb
DOB: December 12
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Likes: Traveling, dark men, bicycling, men with color, eating frozen bananas provocatively at Ben and Jerry’s, working out, men with tans, pressing her white moon against the car window during caravans to tournaments, bathing Au Naturel at religious campsites, paddling, doing Girl Scout activities with daughter Kieren, oogling hot guys and grabbing butt cheeks, and aw heck, most men

Dislikes: Stalkers, not having her coffee in the morning, being called fat, being driven in circles in hotel parking lots, white men, flies, stupid men, being asked about the “axe wound”, white trash, being called “Effing C”, bartenders who think too much of themselves, mullet hair cuts, people getting between her and Kieren, and men & women who cannot survive her “kiss of death.”

Relationship Status: This ravishing blond is single!! What a catch she is. She has a great job, a great personality, is VERY loving, and is such an awesome paddler. Come and get her guys. If you are interested in meeting this voluptuous female, please attend a Space Dragon practice!!! We can set it up where she can paddle next to you and we will guarantee you will have a good time!!! Just don't kiss her right away...

Dates of Importance: (Look at all them parents who had fun on Vday!)
November 3rd: Marina’s & Rebecca’s Birthday
November 9th: Practice Begins!!
November 11th: Robert Clark’s Birthday
November 14th: 3rd Annual Space Dragon Kayak Challenge
November 19th: John Lai’s Birthday
November 20th: David Knight’s Birthday
November 23th: Jeremy Sander’s Birthday
November 28th: Last day to RSVP for Joe and Yonnie’s Baby Shower (Dec 12)
November 29th: Eymard’s Birthday
November 29th: Last day to pay $30 for Year End Dinner/Banquet (Dec. 6)