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Feb 12, 2010

First Part of the Coaches' Farewell SERIES -- Wade

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."                                                          --Seneca, Roman Philosopher, mid-1st century AD

Space Dragons –
We’ve had an awesome run so far.  Going back all the way to our inception in 2002, our history has reflected a consistent, aggressive, steep crescendo.  We’ve constantly reached new competitive heights (party crashing), grown in number, further established a place in the greater DB communities, & became Champions multiple times over.  But most important to me - and what I’ve always considered the overarching goal - is that we’ve so organically become a rock-solid paddling family that we can all count on to take care of and help one another live healthier & happier lives.  
It’s with this foundation that I’m convinced the Space Dragons are going to continue to soar and reach new horizons in 2010 and beyond, and I can’t wait to go on that ride.  Like others, while I’ve taken a step back from the formal established leadership roles of Captain, Coach, & Board Member to achieve more balance in my life at the moment (YYOOO, with so many of us reproducing, I’m feeling left out so I gotta handle my business!! j/k), I also largely do so because 1) I know how much I enjoyed & personally benefited from these service roles, and thus know that many incredibly deserving folks should also have the opportunities (can’t hog the fun), and more importantly, 2) I know that our team will only benefit from the very capable new voices, direction, goals, service, and energy of the folks that will leverage our previous experiences as a springboard to reach new heights!!   
To our 2010 Captains, Coaches, Board, Volunteers, etc: during those exhausting/overwhelming times, possible late nights, and perhaps even frustrating moments that are bound to come up over the course of a busy season - remind yourself of how hard the team is training, how much the team means to each person, and our shared goals & ambitions. Let these fuel you to spend those extra moments devising and carrying-out new ideas, and ensuring conscientious, thorough actions that represent your best effort.       
To all Space Dragons, this team is our collective baby, let’s continue growing her strong!  Develop & obsess about our goals.  Train hard and suffer to continually push yourself to new levels.  Practice often, practice with purpose.  Wear your sacred royal blue with pride; win & lose the right way.  Take care of one another (ONE TEAM!) and our local community.  Remember who the true competition is (hint: don’t let others define you, it sells yourself short and sets artificially low ceilings & goals).  Keep recruiting – new blood & energy is an important life blood.  And always welcome your fellow vets back to practice with a smile & hug or high-five – it matters.  If we all are accountable to ourselves and each other in doing these things … we’ll definitely find that this ride is only getting started and going to be better than ever.    
We’ve got a beautiful group of people training together in a beautiful sport - it don’t get much better.   
See you on the water!