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Feb 5, 2010

SD -- A Team Full of Talented GEMS!

Gems. We've got em by the boatload! But for a limited engagement, you can catch two of our own Space Dragon gems--Marty and Felicia C.--in performances of epic proportions! Take a peek at the details they're sharing on their respective shows so that you too can chill amongst the gems (not to mention be supporting your fellow SD paddler):
In case anyone has the time, the inclination, and the scratch, I want to let everyone know that the Pacific Chorale is in a performance this weekend at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, performing a new work calledMount Rushmore, based on writings of the four Presidents on the monument.  Its on the Pacific Symphony calendar, not our own calendar, but you can get details at or by calling the Chorale office at 714-662-2345.  Three chances to hear us: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  All concerts start at 8pm.  I kind of like the piece; its very listenable and has some neat things to say.  The Symphony also has its own work on the program Friday and Saturday (I dont remember what it is, but the Chorale office can tell you); not sure about Thursday though.
This is Felicia, coming to you with a great event coming up in TWO WEEKS that I hope ALL OF YOU can attend.  You may or may not know this, but I was casted into the play VAGINA MONOLOGUES! AND! Before you start talking about pole sitting and ben wa balls ( cough Deadra cough) I would like to inform you about the play. First of all, it is NOT man hating. Vagina Monologues is a collection of pieces that describe the different situations that women experience. Although it is true that there are injustices imposed on women by men, Vagina Monologues aim to empower women and, instead of chastising, bring awareness to men. Secondly, get ready to wet yourself (pun intended?). Vagina Monologues incorporates a bunch of comedic accounts but at the same time illuminates the issues in history and in present day that may just bring a tear to your eye. And lastly, it would mean the world to me if I had all my friends there to support me. It just so happens that a lot of my favorites are on the team.  :]

Vagina Monologues will show on February 18 and 19 (Thursday and Friday) at 8 oclock at Chapman University in the Irvine Lecture Hall. Pre-sale tickets are only $5 (and $7 at the door.)

You can get tickets to this amazing experience by either commenting on this post, hitting me up on Facebook, or emailing me at .

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Much Love,
Felicia Chanco