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Apr 29, 2010

Paddler Spotlight -- BJ!!


Long Beach, CA
Dunking day (Birthday):
June 2nd
Favorite Nom(s):
Paoli's Pizza with pineapple, ham, & roma tomatoes and Spitz Pita Chips with hummus

How long have you been paddling and who got you into Space?
Since May 09 due to Rico (aka wifey)
Who got you into paddling and why do you do it week in and week out?
Rico. It's either paddle or stay home and mow the lawn... so my lawn hasn't been cut since May 09
Are you a better Paddler when you are Happy or Angry?
Happy, just more focused. When angry, get all wild and paddle all weak... kinda like how Rico paddles
Favorite or notable Space Dragon moment(s)?
My first tourney and I watch Kam's eye get sucked... made me wonder if this is what I have to look forward too?!?!

How do you prep yourself for a Race?
Follow the golden rule "Joe says no" and proper diet.
Any hobbies, activities, interests outside of paddling?
Like to go off sweet jumps
Any advice for new paddlers?
First day kinda sucks, I got pwn'ed trying to keep up. Then the constant "you're doing it wrong" from fellow paddlers. After a few practices felt I was able to contribute and receive more pats on the back from fellow paddlers. So if you're a noob looking to come out and enjoy getting your ego stepped on and look forward to having that awesome feeling of throwing up... come on out :)

Paddling-wise, any particular goals for yourself or the team?
Well, some know this already since I decided to drink too many on New Year's Eve. In my drunken state felt like I didn't deserve to reach Red boat. Hopefully the coaches don't hold that night against me... would really like to paddle on red boat one day :o
If you could change one thing about the Team what would it be?
Rod has been hiding out at the back of the boat steering, that man needs to paddle more. Propose a ban on Rod steering!
Favorite part about being a Space Dragon?
The people and the other hobbies many of you have sparked my interest in.
Assuming you had a single brother or sister, what Space Dragon might you consider hooking them up with?
MegaTran! My bro needs his butt kicked every now and then. ...and if my Sis was single, guess Kmak... don't know why, just makes me lol.
Most interesting character you've met through the team?
Hafer, the man has no bounds... but I do wish he wouldn't wear tiny shorts, those things are disturbing.
If you were to trade any SD teammate for an RFX (Ripple) paddler, who would it be?
AJ gots to go. We got a BJ and a CJ that both share a common theme. AJ.... well... not so much. Would like to see SJ (aka Jeremy Lee aka Skwinty Jeremy [shout out to Jackie for coming up with a perfect name!]) come roll with us.
If you were to be stranded on an island with any 3 SD paddlers, who would you choose to get-by and pass the time with?
Rod, Raja, and MegaTran so we can surf all day
First thing that comes to mind when you hear the word(s):
1. pounce - Fat Cat
2. voluptuous - Muffin Top
3. predator - Hafer
4. prey - Noobies
5. Space Dragons - Paddle
Name something that our readers don't already know about you.

I carried the olympic torch