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Apr 27, 2010

this is OUR house.

Space Dragons.

The largest team (and dare I say, the premiere team) on Mother's Beach. We take care of our beach.
That's why the Space Dragons adopted Mother's Beach as our own. On Saturday, April 24, we put ourselves to work cleaning up the beach. After practice, a group of dedicated teammates volunteered their time and stuck around for the beach clean-up. Not the most glamorous volunteer project, but a very important one nonetheless.

We filled lots of trash bags full of junk, and even got a bunch of kids involved! It looks like doing good deeds are contagious.

Our volunteers, with these cute kids, combed the entire beach, picking up trash that simply does not belong on our beach. All of the sudden, the beach seemed kinda big.

Coaches, it seems, are used to barking
orders at paddlers. Apparently it's no different during volunteer events. But no worries, Em was put to work a little later as well.
During beach clean-up, there are always some interesting finds. There's the usual napkins and other paper products, the cigarette butts, but it looks like Ez might have found an easter egg. How random is that?

Special Thanks on beach clean-up goes out to:

- Marina, who organized the event.

- All of our volunteers: Kim, Roger, Pearl, Galen, CJ, Allan, Robert, Mayana, Karen, Esther, Denise, Rod, Blanca, Scott, Devant and Esmer.
Thanks for a job well-done!
Now, for all Space Dragons. On Sunday, let's remember who's beach this is. This is OUR beach. OUR house. DEFEND THIS HOUSE!
Paddles up!