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Jun 2, 2010

Because An EZ-Up is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

Ever wonder where tourney tables come from? How about the wonder of how paddles somehow magically appear at tournaments when you yourself don't remember how it got there? What the!?'d that cooler end up there?!...This master of magic just might fill you in on the trade secret if you answer his call!

Got an old broken tent or EZ-up? Think its life of providing cool, comforting shade is over? Our equipment Czar, Ceez says "NOT!" He is putting out a call to all paddlers with broken tents and EZ-ups (and their parts). Your donation could provide the blocks needed to help bring life back many of these once broken tents and EZ-ups so that they might have a second chance at tourney life! 

Contact Ceez @ (kukea_circle @ yahoo (dot) com) to see how you can help because an EZ-up tent is a terrible thing to waste!