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Jun 23, 2010

SD Digest 6.23.10

Space Dragons,

Our next tournament is big Long Beach: T-6 weeks!

Yup, that's only 6 more weeks of practice. That means it's almost "Hell Month" as Coach Czar calls it! Please make your best effort to attend all practices, it's a team sport and you need to train with your team. Remember to fill out the attendance poll by 7 PM Mondays (for Wed practices) & by 7 PM Wednesdays (for weekend practices).

If you have NOT signed a tournament waiver, you've been sent a separate email, please sign waiver and turn in to Pearl or Jackie. RSVP deadline: 7/17, No Flake Rule apply after 7/17 (i.e. if you're a "yes" you are responsible for the race fee).

Race fee $35 payable to Space Dragons. $80 fee for team dues if you have not already paid.

We'll be hosting GG Dragons from Canada and Ripple Effect this year, ~100 paddlers total. We'll be doing potluck for both days this year, please see Pearl or Kat to sign up for something to bring. If you have a good idea for an ice breaker for 160 people (yup, that's Space Dragons + RFX + GG), let us know! If you have extra equipments (chairs, tables, coolers, etc) we could use, please let Ceez know.

If you have NOT already made your room reservation, please do so ASAP. Lower rate rooms ($130) are sold out, new rooms ($149) are almost sold out! Please update Evite with lodging and travel info.

4. BEACH CLEAN UP -- Sat 6/22
Next opportunity to keep OUR beach clean! Will be after practice & land workout.

Team race jerseys: $25/each for sleeveless and short sleeve; $28 for long sleeve.
White T-shirts, tank, sleeveless shirt: $15/each.
Long sleeve t-shirt: $20/each.
Ash-grey sweatshirts: $25/each for pull-over; $35/each for zip-front.

Please email Pearl: type, qty, size. Order deadline: 6/26.

$11 each, you can use it to embellish your apparel! Email Marina if interested

7 REI PADDLE FEST -- Sat 6/26
Event Fee: Free
Location: Marine Stadium
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Description: Paddlers of all skill levels are invited to participate in free paddling clinics with boats, paddle boards, paddles and PFDs.
See your Digest for more details!

Too much stress at work? For Space Dragon teammates, Remi is offering 1 hour combo massage for $50! Remi is a licensed massage therapist who is versatile in various modalities. Her office is located at Neijing Eastern Medicine Clinic in Culver City ( In combo massage, she uses a combination of several massage styles, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Craniosacral, and Neuromuscular, each tailored to address clients' specific needs.If you're interested, please email her at

-- Pearl & Tran