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Dec 31, 2010

A 2010 Party in Review--Banquet Times!!

Classy like a scene out of an old Hollywood Hotel movie

Another year, another party. But not just any party. It was THE party. And one-by-one, sauntering down the corridor towards it, the boisterous bunch of prim and genteel clad Space Dragons filled the room and took the party to a whole 'nutha level! This time the shindig went to the Long Beach Petroleum Club at the annual year-end gala to celebrate yet another crazy year in 2010. And with new a stroke, new coaches, and new faces, the Space Dragons pocketed the year with a night to remember (while some left with hazy memories, more on this later...)!

But while the year did not end with bangs and clangs of medals compared to years past, we rocked the party in just the same true SD style as the banquet starter year-end video (made possible by Capt. Raja) brought forth the true tone and reason for why we paddle. The racy yet endearing movie was followed with team trivia to kick-off the action on what we do best...GRUB! Dinner was highlighted with a showcase of desserts made from our own talented brand of Space Dragon bakers--from delicious cupcakes from team mommy, Denise to full-on chocolate clusters from Deej. Needless to say, the sweet treats represented at each table caused a frenzied ruckus of thieves from table-to-table and limbs are still being claimed. Special thanks to Denise, Deej, Jen, Marina, Mary "Dub", Kat S., Vanessa and others for contributing.

This wasn't your typical banquet night of glitz, glamor, and awards though. For one, any Space Dragon will tell you that a night with the Space Dragons is no ordinary night. A night with the Space Dragons is a night of fun, food, and the unexpected! So expect the unexpected as the fly Space Dragons ladies took the floor in flared diva-like fashion as they broke out with a lip-synced song and dance number to ABBA's Dancing Queen/electric-slide remix, spun from the ones and twos from our very own DJ BAKASAN (James N.). Don't be surprised to hear that not one but two Space Dragons turned in topless (As a hint on one, let's just say that it was fun to hear a fellow SD paddler quote "it's nice to see Allan without his shirt again")!
DJ Bakasan - James N

While it can't be stressed enough without sounding as cheesy as a Justin Bieber love song...the season and this team is not possible without you and thankless others who submit their time and dedication to this sport.

Auction Winners:
Cooking with Denise: Jackie
Brew session with BK: Robert
1/2 hour post tournament massage (no guaranteed happy ending) with Janet: Devant/Kmak
Holiday candy-making with Marina: Felicia C.
Cooking night with Marina: Galen
A home-cooked dinner with friends (Raja/Devant/Tran2): Carrie
Climbing session with Jackie and Devant: James N.
Shooting range with Blanca and Turtle: Steve "My Steve"
Night on Tinsel town with Kat "Dub": Eymard

Thanks to your big-hearted bids we raised over $500 buckaroos. Can you say bling-bling!?

People's Choice Awards (you pick 'em, you got 'em!):

<<MVP -- Emily

Most Inspirational  (I'm a better paddler because of you award)-- Wade

SD Spirit -- Devant

    •Rookie of the Year -- Brianne

"hold the boat" Tardy Award -- Blanca


Biggest Waxer -- Scott

 •Most Photogenic -- Sammi

 Coaches Awards: 
Most Improved (dude/gal) -- Tran 2, Es

Golden Paddle (3) -- Rod, Robert, Mayana

 Tournament Trophies: for outstanding performance, team representation, & example that helped the team bring home a lil bling bling from competition
•Baby LB Red: Mixed 500m 2nd place -- CJ

•Baby LB Red: Mixed 200m 3rd place -- Russ

•Big LB Red: Div IIA 1st place -- Es

•Big LB White: Div IIIAA 2nd place -- Kat W

•Big LB Women: Div A 4th place -- Karen

•Big LB Masters: Div A 3rd place -- Cz

•Lake Gregory Guts & Glory -- Kat Smith

Big ups to the following for making the night:
  • Momma Denise, Janet, Kat, and others for overall organization, coordination, and hosting!
  • Capt. Raja for the year-end video!
  • MC B-Kizzle for your MC Skillz!
  • CJ and Pearl for award making!
  • CT and Carrie for counting ballots!
  • The Mary, Kat, and Victoria sisters for suggesting the Long Beach Petroleum Club! 
  • All the folks being auctioned & all the folks auctioning! Great fundraiser!
  • DJ "James" Bakasan for mad skillz @ pumpin da bass!
  • Pearl & CT, Denise, Robert & Mayana, Ceez & Deej, everyone for so many small + big things to set everything up!
  • EVERYONE for a great night and a GREAT SEASON! (who's ready for the next season?!)
Special thanks to the following steerers and callers (♥) for your continued skillz at being awesome for the SD familia:
  • Steerspeople: AJ, Pearl, Marty, Brian, Sammi, Kam, Scott, Russ, and Emily
  • Callers: Tran1, Tran2, Em, Felicious, Devant, Sammi, Jackie, Louise, and Allan
Allan and his winnings!

Real SD MEN!

Spicy Vanessa with Nick
Capt. Raja and Kmak with some brotherly love

The always lovable Matsunami Clan

Cake pillaging
Edie and Deej ravishing as ever

...and finally, with the year in closing and a new one up to bat, what was your favorite Space Dragon memory from 2010?