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Jan 4, 2011

Officially Official: 2011 Season has Started!

The 2011 paddling season has officially started for your lovely Space Dragons! That's right, as of January 2, 2011, we're back. In full force.

What does that mean? Well, so glad you asked.

That means:

1. Time to work off all that fatness (oh, so much sweetness and yummyness, how I adore thee) we've all gained over the holidays. Yup, those cupcakes right there? NOT YOURS!

2. More importantly, we're back. Saturday and Sunday practices are on! For full practice schedule, Click here! And don't forget to fill out the attendance poll in the blog (by 7pm on the Wednesday before practice, so that the captains can report to the Association how many boats we need and make sure there's room enough for everyone on the boats!).

3. Wimpy folk might whine and complain, "oh but it's still so cold and rainy." Let me tell ya, wimpy folk, that we will go out in the rain. We will go out in the cold! Plus, check out the outrageous level of awesome in this video about dragon boating:

So, see ya Saturday? and then Sunday? Yes!