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Feb 23, 2011

SD Digest 2-23-11

Space Dragons,

We're only 1 month away from Tempe tournament!  Let's turn up the volume (not literally)!  So let's get everyone to practice!  Remember to fill out the practice attendance poll by 7 PM tonight.

1.  TEMPE -- 3/26 & 27

  • It is just around the corner!
  • Please review the attached rules from the organizer and adhere to them!
  • If you have not paid your fees, race fee is $35, 2011 team dues is $80, payable to Space Dragons
  • Charter bus option between LA and Tempe is a no-go, so please arrange your transportation and update the Evite with your mode of transport
  • No Flake rule in effect: 2/27 (for you newbies, this means after 2/27 if you're a yes and you decided not to go, you are on the hook to pay the fees still)
  • Hotel reservation AND cancellation deadline: 3/4 -- if you do not cancel by 3/4, you will be charged 1 night if you do not show up

2.  F&FD -- Sunday 4/3
  • Do you enjoy paddling?  Wanna get your friends and family involved?
  • Friends and Family Day is the perfect time to do this!
  • It'll be Sunday 4/3, 8:30 AM (yes, please have your guests arrive early so we can get all the paperwork and get their gears in line)
  • It'll be a fun paddling day and we'll have potluck after paddling
  • Potluck list to come, if you know what you want to bring, please email Denise

  • A fellow RFX paddler has recently moved to LA
  • He would like to join us for practice but he does not have a car
  • If you are in the CSULA area or if you could swing by to give him a ride, please let us know ASAP
  • He would like to join our practice this weekend -- Sat, Sun, or both!
  • Your help is much appreciated
4.  FUNDRAISING - Saturday 4/23
  • Doing spring cleaning?
  • Save your stuff!
  • We're planning our 1st 2011 Yard Sale for 4/23
  • If you have other fundraising ideas, please let us know!

  • There are currently 3 Wednesday workout options: SoBay, Orange County, Santa Monica
  • If you would like to join these workouts, email Emily (SoBay), Roger (OC), Jackie (Santa Monica)

  • Interested in logolize your clothing with Space Dragons brand?
  • Check out details here

-- Your Captains