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Mar 10, 2011

Paddler Spotlight -- AJ!!

Dunking day (Birthday): 
July 3rd
If you could have an endless supply of any 3 food items, what would you have?

Kit Kats, yogurt, and yoshinoya beef bowls.  More interesting are my 3 worst experiences with food. I ate ceviche and had massive diarrhea before our Machu Pichu Hike (25 miles). I almost passed out from dehydration and from clenching my buttocks so hard. I also once ate 6 day old sushi that left me with a very uncomfortable anus for 3 days. But the monster was eating 14 raw oysters in a Hong Kong buffet that left me with a bowel shaking 8 days of diarrhea. 

How long have you been paddling and what were you thinking when you got into Space?
4-5 years and whatever I was thinking, it wasn't about winter mornings.
Who got you into paddling?
Under what conditions are you paddling at your best? 
"I'm always at my best"
Favorite or notable Space Dragon moment(s)?
Hard to say favorite, but once I was in my usual spot, on the bench watching the team race. All you could hear was jackie's blood-curdling scream goading the team to paddle harder [from the caller's seat]. Caesar screamed, "Quick! Somebody get that woman a husband!!"
How do you prep yourself for a Race?
Snack and Nap... Snap!  Get it!!! hello? Is this thing on?
What do you do when you're not paddling? Hobbies, activities, interests?
Travel (backpacking) or sports (hockey, soccer, etc). That's all there is to my life
Any advice for newbie paddlers?
Here in SD, we believe there is an inverted relationship between whining after race sets and the dififculties of practice. Join us and make practices easier for everybody.

Paddling-wise, what particular goals do you have for yourself and for the team?
To one day fulfill my ultimate life dream of being on the red boat. After that, I QUIT! 
If you could change one thing about the Team what would it be?
A bit more focus on individual performance. Stuff like time trials is really good in exposing your weaknesses and improving your stroke. Now I know why I suck.
Best thing about being a Space Dragon?
Assuming you had a single brother or sister, what Space Dragon might you consider hooking them up with?
I'd hook up my single brother with Galen and let the hilarity ensue.
Kmak. Anyone who looks like me has got to be interesting!
Most interesting character you've met through the team?
If you were to trade any SD teammate for an RFX (Ripple) paddler, who would it be?
Don't really care what we get back, I just want to trade Kmak. I want to say, "There's only room for one guy that looks like me on this team... and I already look like me!"

If you were to be stranded on an island with any 3 SD paddlers, who would you choose to get-by and pass the time with?
Simple... Rod, Kim, and Big Steve. They'd paddle me back home before supper time. 
Are you the only child, the eldest, the middle child, or the baby? Do you fit the stereotype?
Middle. Is good-looking a stereotype?
Name something that our readers don't already know about you.
I'm going to beat Turtle to the under 2 minute mark on time trials. OOOH SNAPS!! IT'S PUBLIC NOW TURTLE!!