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Jun 8, 2011

SD Digest 6-8-11

Space Dragons,
  • Hey Alcan Crew! The word of the week is taper! And get pumped up for the premiere tournament on the West Coast.  Get out there and make us proud!
  • Hey not-going-to-Alcan Crew! The word of the week is practice!  That's right, we will have regularly scheduled practice this Saturday 6/11 and Sunday 6/12 while we support our Alcan crew in spirit!
  • But next week (Wednesday 6/15, Saturday 6/18 and Sunday 6/19), there will be no practice
  • Reminder: please fill out the attendance poll for each practice; Wednesday polls close at 7 PM on Mondays, weekend polls close at 7 PM on Wednesdays
  • Parking reminder: please do not park on any street; Sunday mornings please do not park in the small Boy Scout lot (adjacent to the building), leave it for the elderly and physically challenged church goers
  • Alcan Crew please read your Logistics email thoroughly, print it and bring with you.  There are detailed information on call times, team dinner and a bunch of other information you do not want to be without!
  • Suggest you also print out the contact info in Google Docs
3.  OC-2 TESTING -- Sunday 6/19
  • Testing will be for Big Long Beach.  Required for a seat on the Red boat.
  • Don't really care to be on Red boat? You can still test to gauge how you progress.  The tests are completely anonymous and helps the coaches to help you improve 
  • You will receive individualized coaching and a video analysis of your technique. Then you can also see your own improvement and progress with each passing testing day.
  • Sign up here.  Hurry, time slots go fast!  Email coaches if you need a make-up date.
  • Ladies Only, this will include any of our SD guy’s significant other.
  • What to bring:
    • a bottle of wine, cheese or appetizer
    • games, movies, etc
  • Also, you can spend the night at Marina's and then go to practice together the next day!
  • See Facebook invite from Janet, SD social extraordinaire, so friend Janet now!
  • Did you know that among the members of the team, there is a DJ, a nurse, a few talented woodworkers, cooking aficionados, baking extraordinaires, and surely a lot of people with great ideas and the wherewithal to execute them too?  Let the captains know if you're interested in helping in any way (even if you don't know how you can help).
6.  SD BAKE SALE -- Saturday 7/2
  • What goes great with 4th of July BBQ and beach outing?  Cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc.  This will be a great fundraising and team building event, so put it on your calendar!  We need helpers for this event!
  • Needed:
    • Volunteers to sell
    • Bake sale items donation (hint, don't want to do all the work?  You can buy cookie dough from your friendly grocer's freezer, drop it in the oven and viola, fresh baked cookies!)
  • Not a baker?  We also need non-bake sale items donation: bottled water, forks, napkins
  • Let Marina know what (bake/non-bake items) you can donate
  • Proceeds will help keep tournament fees low, so help where you can please!
  • Mark your calendars and save the date!  First Annual Space Dragons Family Picnic will be in August. Invite your family!  This will be a family and kid-friendly event.
  • This will be a potluck-style event with organized games. Want to help with the action?  We need helpers for this event!  Talk to Jackie!
  • Emily has been working on a family tree, so let her know via comment on the blog, Facebook, or email her who brought you to the Space Dragons
  • NEW -- Please note the year your became a Space Dragons
  • Also please help track down which paddler(s) you brought to the Space Dragons, active or retired
  • On those windy Wednesday evenings, don't you wish you have one of those warm cozy blue SD parkas?
  • And don't forget the cold mornings and evenings at the City by the Bay (i.e. SF tourney) or the cold practices during the winter months.
  • Marina is putting together another SD parka order, approximate price is $85
  • Email Marina for questions and orders
  • We are still looking for more people who are interested in becoming Certified Steerspersons.  Let the coaches know if you would like to try your hand at it!
-- Your Captains