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Aug 10, 2011

SD Digest 8-10-11

Space Dragons,
So it begins again!  Practice resumes tonight.
If you have NOT RSVP'd via the poll for this weekend's practice, please do so by 7 PM tonight.
  • Only 5 weeks till TI, time to kick it up a notch, competition will be stiffer up north
  • OC-2 testing this Sunday, sign up for your time slot.  Remember it is REQUIRED for consideration for seating on Red (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't test if you don't care about being on Red), email coaches if you need a make up date
  • Sunday practice is option due to OC-2 testing but HIGHLY encouraged, remember every practice is important!
  • Reminder that Sunday practices are back to 9:00 AM
  • Modified Tardy Rule is now in place, so when are practices?  Saturday 7:30 AM, Sunday 9:00 AM, these are times to be at practice site
  • Reminder that if you would like to trade your 10th year jersey for a larger size and/or to try on a larger size, please bring it CLEANED to practice this Saturday
  • This will be a good opportunity to see if you want to change your size for the regular jersey as well
  • See what you like but didn't get in on it last time?  You can still get a 10th year jersey (but may be a slightly higher price depending on final number), email Galen to place your order
  • We're going!  No Flake rule enforced Aug 14
  • Fees TBD
  • Have you signed up?  Check the Evite NOW!
  • We are holding some rooms now but you MUST let Galen know NOW if you need a room or these will be released back to the public (that means you'll need to find yourself a place to stay elsewhere!)
  • Stephanie is at it again!  Another opportunity to help support the local community.
  • It's that time again, when students start heading back to school. But do you know that many families cannot afford even basic classroom supplies? School on Wheels provides one-on-one tutoring for homeless children and they run entirely on volunteer support and donations.

    Stephanie will be collecting school supplies for for the month of August. Your donations will be put into backpacks and distributed by School on Wheels to kids in need in the Long Beach area. So the next time you go to Target or Office Supply, please pick up a pack of pens or notebook paper!

    For a full list of needed supplies, please see the Student Wish List. You can also email Stephanie for more details of the drive. Thanks!
  • Pearl's side note: School on Wheels is a great organization, I've been a volunteer tutor for 4-5 years and I can totally vouch for the work it provides to those in need.  Somethings (in addition to the usual pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, etc)  I'd suggest that students could use: thumb drive, calculator, tech things that schools use.
6.  YEAR END DINNER -- Sat 12/3
  • Thanks to the awesome work of the YE dinner committee (Janet, Denise, Marina, Jackie, James), we have booked our venue: Bliss525 in Long Beach
  • We've heard it's got excellent ambience and great food and like last year, we've got our very own DJ Bakasan
  • So mark your calendar now, Evite coming soon, price will be $35/person
-- Your Captains