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Aug 3, 2011

SD Digest 8/3/11

Mighty Champions,

My oh my, what can I say except CONGRATULATIONS!  If you did not attend Big Long Beach, live in a cave and somehow have not yet heard or seen, we mighty Space Dragons, took Gold in Division 1A (top o' the heap) for both 500m and 200m! 'Round these parts, we call it a sweep.  Full results here.
Exciting action abounded with all of the Space Dragon crews... keep an eye out on the Blog for the recap!
Victory tastes sweet, doesn't it?  Big thanks goes out to Pearl and Denise for tournament management.  Big thanks also goes out to all of the nutcase teammates we have who kept everyone accountable for on- and off-water training that helped get us to where we are today.  Many thanks to the boat captains for making sure we're all on time for marshalling for the correct heats and properly warmed up.  And thanks to EVERYONE for helping out, bringing food, and most importantly worked so hard this year.

1.  PRACTICESunday practices are moved back to the 9:00am time.  Wednesdays are still at 6:30pm.  Saturdays are still at 7:30am.
New tardy rule in effect. But I don't have to explain the new rules to you because (a) you're never tardy, and (b) you pay attention during after-practice announcements and you read the digests so you already know the new tardy rule, right?
NO PRACTICE Wednesday, 8/3 (tonight).
NO PRACTICE Saturday, 8/6.
NO PRACTICE Sunday, 8/7.
Practice resumes Wednesday, 8/10.
Everyone, take a well-deserved week off!  That doesn't mean get lazy and eat a gallon of cheesy poofs.  Keep up light work-outs and such.
Or join Coach BK for a light Sunday morning paddle session at 9:00am (followed by feasting at Beechwood BBQ).  This will not be an official practice so no newbies, please.  It'll be a light, easy session focusing on technique followed by traditional lunch feasting.  If you want to join, you MUST email Brian to let him know you are coming (spaces are limited to ONE boat only, first come first serve).  If too many people want to come out and there aren't enough coaches or steerspeople, Coach BK will let you know. That's why you need to email Brian. 

A.  For those of you with a black 10th year jersey, if you thought the sizing was too small, we will be doing a jersey-swap at practice on Saturday, 8/13 so everyone can go up one size if needed.  Please bring CLEANED and WASHED jerseys.
B.  For those of you without a black 10th year jersey, yes.. you know they look awful slick.  Now I know you're beating your head on your desk at this very moment, wishing you got in on the order and get to wear the snazzy jersey in Saturday races.  Worry not, now you can! Hooray!  And, you can try on different sizes at Saturday, 8/13 practice during the jersey-swap.  Then Galen will be taking 2nd round of orders for the black 10th year jerseys, final pricing will depend on number of jerseys.
The time to sign up is NOW.  Deadline for sign up is August 7.  That's only a few days away!  This is a one-day tournament.
Robert personally guarantees you will have an awesome time!  We just need a few more paddlers to fill one boat.  Last year we had two: "Brown Chicken" and "Brown Cow".  Don't understand the names? Come to Lake Gregory and you'll see!
No-flake date: August 14.
Defend your championship.  Go to SF Tournament.  Everyone will be looking to beat us, so we'll need all of you in SF!  Need I say more?
We have room availability so don't worry about lodging.  If you have not already done so, let Galen know if you have a room, need roommates/rooms.

Dr. Chen is looking for a team (max 14) to race in Shandong, China, 9/3-9/7, co-organized by the Hong Kong Freedom Dragon Boat Club and the Official Shandong Dong Ping Culture Bureau.  There will be 200m and 500m races. There is no restriction on participant ethnicity.  The race organizer will cover lodging and local transportation.  There will be price money for winning teams.  If interested, please let Pearl know ASAP.

-- Your Captains