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Sep 14, 2011

SD Digest 9/14/11

Space Dragons,
It is here -- TI! 

  • Tonight is the LAST official practice until November!  And the LAST chance to "gel" with your teammates for the tournament!
  • There will be no "official" practice starting next weekend (9/24) through the month of October, take your well deserved break before we hit the water again during the training season!
  • However, there may be "unofficial" practice held be Coach Ceez, strongly recommended for those participating in the San Diego tournament next month
  • Keep your eyes out for the practice poll on the Space Dragons website (so we know how many boats to request)

2.  SAN DIEGO -- 10/22 - 10/23
  • We have enough interest to register at least 1 full mixed boat but the more the merrier!
  • If you haven't done so, please sign up via Evite
  • More details to come

  • YE Dinner -- 12/3, details and sign up via Evite
  • End of Season Bowling Night -- interested in helping to organize it?  Let us know.
  • Have ideas for other team events?  We always welcome ideas!  Email us.
  • Big thanks for Marina for organizing all the beach clean ups this year
  • Thanks to everyone whom participated this year
  • This past weekend we had a great turnout, check out Brianne's recap here

  • Wanna show your Space Dragons pride?
  • Get your
    • Sticker ($1.50, see Pearl)
    • Wrist band ($2.00, see Emily)
    • Car flag ($10, see Arlene)
  • Pearl and Emily will bring the stickers and wrist bands to TI if you miss them at practice
--Your Captains