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Oct 26, 2011

SD Weekly Digest 10/26/11

Space Dragons,

  • Congratulations to the SD crew!  What a way to wrap up the absolute LAST tournament of the year =)
  • Got pictures/videos to share?  Send them James' way for the YE video!
  • If you haven't paid your fees, please do so, payable to Space Dragons!

  • One more week of break before we head into the off season!
  • Due to all the enthusiasm, we'll be holding Saturday and Sunday practices!
  • Practices start Sat 11/5
  • So remember the new thing about practice?  Yes, YOU need to go fill out the poll NOW so we know exactly how many boats and what sizes we need.  You don't want to be left out on the beach because there's no space for you, do you?
  • Remember it is IMPERATIVE that we ask for the exact number of boats and sizes we need since TK and Mike are generous enough to lug those steering oars from their house to the beach.
  • Reminder that if the Boy Scout lots are closed for dock renovation, you may park on the streets.  Let the captains know of any complaints.  Or you could utilize the Mother's Beach metered lot, remember it's free before 10 AM.

3.  YE DINNER -- Sat 12/3
  • Now that all the tournaments are over, get ready for the next big event, and it's glamorous, too!
  • We have a great venue to ourselves and a live band (so DJ Bakasan gets a break and can actually enjoy the party)!
  • So what are you waiting for?  RSVP on the Evite now
  • And pay Space Dragons $35, deadline is 11/20
  • Got any auction/raffle items to offer?  Want to contribute but need ideas?  Talk to Kat Wells or Janet!

  • SD Bowling Night -- Sat 11/5 7 PM, yup, that's first day of off-season practice because we know you can't get enough of your teammates!
  • SD Kayak Challenge -- Sat 11/12 after practice.  The popular battle is back!
  • 3rd Annual SoCal Dragonboaters Bowling Tournament -- Sat 12/10.  Can't get enough competition with the other SoCal paddlers?  Show off your skillz off the water.  Sponsored by Splashing Flyers

  • The tradition continues in 2012, thanks to Andy and Jim for organizing, but they need your help!
  • RSVP to Evite for poll on dates and so they know what size lodging they need to find
  • Also note deadlines on Evite

  • Want to show off your Space Dragons pride?
  • There are many options:
    • Space Dragons wristband: $2, see Emily
    • Space Dragons decal/sticker: $1.50, see Pearl
    • Space Dragons patch (iron-on backing): $3, see Jim T or Marina
    • Space Dragons car flag: $10, see Arlene

-- Your Captains