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Jan 11, 2012

SD Digest 1-11-2012

Space Dragons

The 2012 Season is in full swing!!!!

1.  PRACTICE SCHEDULE   --  Great showing, KEEP coming out!!!
  • Saturday practice time is unchanged!  
7:30a on the beach, 8a-9:30a on the water, followed by Land Drills!!!
  • Sunday practice time has changed! Same time as Saturday: 
7:30a on the beach, 8a-9:30a on the water, followed by Core!!!
  • Practice attendance is being taken!
  • Late penalties being levied ;)
  • Land workouts after practice!
  • AND, don't forget to fill out the practice POLL!
FYI! The Space Dragons Weekday Workouts are in full swing. Email Devant for South Pasadena and Em/Galen for South Bay.
3.  2012 DUES
Welcome to the 2012 Season!  As we start our new season we need to inform you of fee changes for this year.  As you know, we are a self-supporting team.  Due to increases in Association fees, insurance and tournament fees, we have to increase 2012 dues to $100.  This may seem like a steep jump from 2011 dues, but here are some of the increases we have already experienced:
·      ICEA Association dues - increased by approximately 5.5%
·      ICEA Insurance - nearly doubled in cost! (2011-$280; 2012-$530)
·      Tempe registration - increased by approximately 10-11%
Unfortunately we anticipate the increased tournament registration fees trend to continue for all of our 2012 festivals.  We will continue fundraising and sponsorship efforts throughout the season to help decrease fees whenever possible. If you have ideas for team fundraising, share them with the Captains
In case you were wondering what your dues pay for (no, not mani/pedi's for the coaches), 2 pie charts are attached in an excel file reflecting how your dues are distributed for team expenses.  Chart #1 shows how your dues were paid out in 2011, and chart #2 shows the projected distribution for 2012.

As always, if you have any payment issues, please don't hesitate to talk with the Captains, Coaches, or Denise.
Looking forward to another great season!
Thinking about cleaning out your closets or garage??? Don’t throw out the items that are useable; the Space Dragons Yard Sale will be in the next few months. If you are not able to store these items, please contact Marina. In the past, the funds we made at our yard sale, helped reduce the tournament fees.

5.  2012 OC2 Testing Dates are up, mark your calendars!
Check the blog here and Team Calendar here!
6.  PORTLAND TOURNAMENT - 6/9 - 6/10
  • Yes, our June "away" tournament will be at the Portland Rose Festival
  • Ultra FUN, Ultra COMPETITIVE Taiwanese Flag Catching 
  • Great Eats and Adventures!
  • Non-Stop Flights from LA area ~$200
  • Respond to the evite ASAP!!! We need to gauge interest and determine how many boats to register for this tournament. You saw those intense gravity-defying flag catching pictures and video here... be a part of it this year! The more the merrier, so join in!
Coming up quick!  Important information, please read:
  • There STILL 5 spots left!!!! JOIN THE FUN!
  • Full $220 payment is due ASAP.
  • Payment includes 3 nights lodging and dinner for each night.
  • Limited to 24 spots. Currently 5 spots available.
  • We'll be able to get most people on some type of mattress or sofa but beds go to those who pay first.
  • Contact Andy for info on paying with your credit card.
  • House of where we are staying: (check out the pool table and private hot tub!)
  • Evite Invitation in your weekly email
  • For questions, contact Andy or Jim

-- Your Captains