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Feb 15, 2012

SD Digest 2/15/12

Ahoy Space Dragons!  

It's that time again.. for the DIGEST! Your weekly summary of events and going-on's in the world of the Space Dragons!

So what do we have in store this week? Let's read on...
1.  temPEEEE
Yo, seriously, it's 1.5 months away.  That's March 31/April 1.  
Carpooling: Do it, because driving alone sucks.  Email captains if you need carpooling buddies.
Lodging: We recommend sleeping in a hotel room. The weather should be nice, but we still think sleeping indoors on a bed is probably a good idea.  
Email captains if you need bunk mates.  Alternatively, there are still rooms available in the Space Dragons room block at team hotel (rooms will be released on March 1, so move fast!).  Check the Evite for details.
More Paddlers! We still have room for more paddlers, so it's not too late to sign up and join in the fun!  Tempe is our season-opener and always a guaranteed good time for newbies and veterans alike. Sign up on Evite and bring out your friends, still time to get in shape!
No Flake Date: March 4. Let's do this!
2.  2012 DUES
Oh I know... you've heard it all already.  
Lots of "pay your $100 2012 dues
... followed with a little "pay your tore-nament fees
... and maybe some "you're late with your 2011 dues and fees, so pay up
... with a sprinkle of "the team is fronting all this cost signing up for tournaments and needs your money!" guilt trip line.  
But hey, at least we haven't resorted to calling you a deadbeat yet, right? So pay up, deadbeat! Yea, you know who you are! But in case you don't know who you are, email Denise.
When I inquire about who has paid this weekend during announcements, there better be a bunch more hands raised than last weekend

Who:    You!
What:   Board Game Night
When:  4:00pm, Sunday February 19, 2012
Where: Zina and Andy's place. 
Why:    Team bonding time! And do you really need an excuse to come hang out with your lovely teammates?  
Parking will be free for Game Night guests.  More details on Evite.
What to bring: Potluck-style snacks and drinks.  Bring some Scooby snacks for yourself, a little more to share. More details about dinner will be sent through the Evite.  Maybe also your favorite board game from home.  Perhaps a little cash for a Yogurtland run.  Or Little Tokyo bar hopping. (Oh My!)
These are the new very slick looking dye-sub blue jerseys we started wearing at the end of 2011.  Want to see a sample?  There is also the bicycle jerseys!

Please review your order on the attached spreadsheet in your email:

* If your order is not correct, I strongly suggest you email Galen to correct your order.
* If you want to order a jersey and have not, email Galen.  Orders will be put in SOON, so talk to Galen!
* Update/Order deadline Thu Feb 16!!!   That's TOMORROW for the Date-Challenged (and I don't mean the folks who ate dinner alone last night. Oh woe is me!).
  • Brian will have JH patches for sale. Proceeds to go to the Hafer family.
  • Celebration of Life event on Saturday, February 18 at 2PM with happy hour to follow.  See Evite.
  • May 19 San Diego Century Tour - we will be riding the 37 mile route in remembrance of Jason.  Buy a discount voucher here for the 37 mile ride, then sign up and join us.  Today is the last day to buy the voucher (50% off). Don't have a bike? We'll try to set you up with one. 
  • Need a Bike Have a Bike: Check the GDoc in your weekly email to organize bikes for the San Diego Century Tour!
    February 26: OC-2 Testing & Steering Clinic: Testing for Tempe. But also for yourself!  We will hold practice, which will also be the Space Dragons steering clinic. So definitely come out if you are interested in learning to steer.
    March 3: Lantern Festival.  We will be participating in the Lantern Festival at the Chinese American Museum in downtown LA.  Volunteers needed to help introduce people to the sport of dragon boating and the Space Dragons.  This will be a post-practice event.
    March 10: Ladies' Night.  Pillow fights and lingerie.  At least that's what I've grown up believing.  Details to follow.
    March 24: Beach Clean-up.  Keeping our beach clean and showing the community some love!
    April 7: Friends and Family Day.  It's not too early to start thinking about who to invite.
    7.  Invitation from Yilin
          I thought it would be nice to invite you all to a recital (a concert with me and a piano) that I am giving next week, Saturday, Feb 25, 3:00pm.  It's at a church in El Segundo, and there's no admission, open to the public.  There will be a light reception afterwards, too!  Flyer HERE!
          -- Yilin Hsu Wentlandt

    -- les capitaines