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Mar 28, 2012

SD Digest 3/28/12

Hooray, It’s Digest Day! 
Word of the week: Taper!  ...  (double hooray!)
1.  TemPEEEE – 3/31
  • Did you pay your tournament fees? Of course you did! Right!?!?
  • Watch out for the LOGISTICS email! Many important details in there.
  • TAPER does not mean NAP, here's what it means:
           * Keep up light workouts focus on oxygen/endurance (running, jogging, cycling, swimming, treadmill)
           * Eat well, good nutritive food
           * Rest!
2.  Baby LONG BEACH – Sun 4/29
  • We're registered for 3 boats. That means YOU should sign up on the Evite!
  • It's just around the corner!
3.  PORTLAND - June 9 & 10
  • Guarantee your spot on the boat by letting us know your flight/travel plans on Evite. Just saying "yes" does not guarantee a paddling spot!
  • We have a full boat of participants already, let's make it TWO! Ripple has 2 boats going, so can we!
  • 1st boat Roster will be capped at 22 paddlers. Will register a 2nd boat at 35 confirmed paddlers
  • SO, if you already have your flight, update the Evite, if not, GET A FLIGHT and update Evite to secure your spot, NOW!
 4.  FRIENDS AND FAMILY DAY – April 7, 1pm
  • Great opportunity to introduce your friends and co-workers to what you spend so much time and effort on.
  • Join the FB Event and share it with them.
  • Easy, friendly afternoon time, hooray!
  • Be a peach and email  captains  if you are coming and/or bringing people! Don't worry, we know some people will flake and so the numbers might be a little off - but we still need a plan for the estimated number of people attending.
 5.  BDR Earth Family FUN RUN – Sun Apr 22
  • What:  Inaugural BDR Earth Day Family Fun Run to support the Brian D. Robertson Foundation! Space Dragons is sponsoring this event, so it would be great to have some of us out there.
  • When: Sun April 22, 11a
  • Where: Bolsa Chica State Park, CA
  • Register: Register Now: or here:
  • Let’s do this!   For information, Facebook Event here!
  • Space Dragons is a sponsor for this fun run, Bolsa Chica is just a few minutes from Mother’s, WE can do the run right after practice!
  • Dragonauts want your balls!  If you've got some basketballs/soccer balls, etc. that you wouldn't mind donating to the Dragonauts that would be muy excelente. We've plans to turn those unloved toys into wonderfully useful medicine balls for FUN land workouts!
  • Dragonauts will have a yummy spam musubi fundraiser on April 7, so plan accordingly!
  • Team BlindStart is looking for volunteer coaches.  Think you have what it takes? Email captains if you are interested or for more details.  You can get more paddle in and lots of warm fuzzy feelings too!
  • April 8: OC-2 #2:  Pre Baby LB checkup, another chance to measure your hard work!
  • April 14 Ladies Night:  At Marinas, save the date.
  • May 4: SD Social: First Friday @ Natural History Museum in LA (Date Change)
  • May 5: SD Yard Sale in Torrance:  Spring cleaning? Save your stuff for the Annual Yard Sale! 
 -- Captains!