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Jun 27, 2012

SD Digest 6/27

Space Dragons!
Countdown to BLB: 30 days

1.  PRACTICE - Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays
Yes, there are 3 practice OPPORTUNITIES per week, manned by dedicated captains, coaches and steers,PLEASE take advantage of us!    Practice makes perfect ya know!
- We have a BIG target on our heads.  Let’s not disappoint!!!  - “TRAIN HARD, WIN EASY”  Coach BK
- Did you know today is Practice Poll deadline day? (of course you did). Respond to Poll  
- Reminder: No more parking on the street! Boy Scout lot is now open (repaved smooth supple)
Certified Steers-people: Please bring your numbers to every practice, even if you are not planning to steer.  We may need you to step up and volunteer for our practice to steer or babysit in bench 10, or to assist Festival teams.  Thank you for helping the team and community!

2.  BAKE SALE - Sat June 30
- Our second annual bake sale.  The proceeds of bake sale will help lower our tournament fees, so please help out!
- Sign-up for goodies on the gdocs in your email.  Please start thinking about what you can bring!
- Ideas for goodies: Cookies, Fancy Brownies, Spam Masubi (regular and fancy), fruit-on-a-stick, watermelon, banana bread, pumpkin bread, pie, cupcakes, water, milk... 
creativity drives sales!
- If possible, baked items should be wrapped (or bagged) in 1-unit servings: 3-4 cookies, brownie, cupcake, masubi, etc…
- Also need volunteers/helpers, so plan to stick around and help the team!
- Bake Sale will be immediately following practice, ~10-2 
- Please wear your jerseys and represent!
3.  WAX 4 SALE? – Marina
- Marina has a variety of surf wax to make yor wood sticky!  $1 per bar
4.  BIG LONG BEACH - July 28 & 29
DEFEND!- Why haven't you signed up? Sign up on the Evite.  Do it. Now. Like, right now. Reply "Yes", it’s that easy. Doesn't that feel better?
- And come out to practice! 
- Just $40!
5.  SAN FRANCISCO - Sept 15 & 16
- This is going to creep up faster than you think. So sign up on the Evite. 
- We are working with the SF Marriott and will have a block of rooms for our paddlers.  It is highly recommended to stay with the team so you can partake in the Sunday night shenanigans that will surely take place.


- Email Captains if you want your own brand spankin' new wooden paddle. Let us know the length you would like. We're going to put in an order this week. 

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-- Your Loving Captains!