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Jul 18, 2012

SD Digest 7/18

Space Dragons!

Countdown to BLB: 10 days. Long Digest, but there's lots of information - and lots of upcoming events!

1.  PRACTICE - Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays
THAT’S ONLY 3 FULL PRACTICES left, plus one ‘light’ final Wed final prep!
- Don’t forget the Practice Polls! Last full practice before races! Respond to Poll 
- Parking Reminders:
No more parking on the street!
Boy Scout lot is now open, but DO NOT park next to church on Sunday

2.  BIG LONG BEACH - July 28 & 29
DEFEND!- No Flake Date is Fri 7/20! (but WHY would you need to know?)
- We are still short 3 men for optimal paddler ratio! Who’s Missing? Sign up right now on the Evite!
- And, come out to practice!
* Boat seating is still fluid!
4 practices left to impress the coaches with your AMAZING timing and SEXY form!
- Four times left to perfect our timing.
- Four times left to perfect our starts.
- Four times left to push that wall.

- Fees just $40!  Have you paid yet?
- Did you sign up for potluck?  Tell Marina what you are bringing!
- What is your Preferred Lee’s Sandwich?
   Sunday we will have Lee’s sandwiches for lunch, choose from 4 options in poll HERE.
- PARKING (you should carpool)
   There is NO parking in Marine Stadium except by permit only!  THAT MEANS it is highly recommended you carpool as you can only park in Boy Scout Lot, Mother’s Beach pay lot, or on street at the North end of Marine Stadium. That is lots C, D, E and F in this map!
3.  LAKE GREGORY – Sun Aug 19
- This is a fun ONE DAY local race and it’s coming up FAST!  So sign up on the Evite if interested. 
- In the past we have brought up 2 12-man crews, let’s see if we can do 2 18-man crews and genders!
- Fees low!  ~$20 for 12 man crews, ~$15 for 18 man crews!

5.  SAN FRANCISCO - Sept 15 & 16
- This is going to creep up faster than you think. So sign up on the Evite
- We have a block of rooms for our paddlers.  It is highly recommended to stay with the team so you can partake in the Sunday night shenanigans that will surely take place.
- Hotel Room Registration
1. Find your roommates, decide who is going to put down credit card info.
2. The person booking the room will go to weblink in your email
3. Enter Access Code: spacedb12   (left side of the screen)
4. Complete all the booking details.
5. The website will let you add more people to the room at the time of booking, or at a later date

6.  UPCOMING EVENTS - mark your calendars!
- July 21 (Saturday): Beach Clean-Up this weekend, immediately following practice
- July 28 & 29 (Saturday/Sunday): Big Long Beach
- August 5 (Sunday): OC-2 Testing for TI
- August 12 (Sunday): Wahoo's Fundraiser, more on this later (likely also OC-2 makeup)
- August 19 (Sunday): Lake Gregory
- September 15 & 16 (Saturday/Sunday): San Francisco (TI) 

Did you respond to practice or Lees Sandwich poll yet?

-- Your Captains!