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Sep 5, 2012

SD Digest 9/5 2012

It’s the Final Countdown!

1.  SAN FRANCISCO - Sept 15 & 16
-   Time to put up or shut up. Defending champs? Pfft. Think we deserve that title? Let's go prove in San Francisco and at every remaining practice in Long Beach.  Only 1 more weekend until SF!!!
-   MAKE NO MISTAKE, we are positioned to do REALLY well in TI, just take care of yourself and use the training Space Coaches have given you, EXECUTE! =) 
-   In these last few days, EVERYTHING COUNTS!!!  Your body is a temple as well as an engine! Eat well, cardio-up and REST well!!! 
-   Great job paying your tournament fees!!! For those who haven’t $30 to Space Dragons and $5 to Zinafor food fee to help RFX offset food costs. 
-   No lodging plans yet? Email captains and we'll help set you up, you slacker!
  EVITE to sign up for the Big Show, looking for 1 big, strong guy!
-   WAIVER (attached) – Please Fill out, sign and do one of the following:
1. Print and bring to practice
2. Scan/Digitally-Sign and email soft copy to captains
-   Weight and Side Preference!
     For those that have not responded, please do SO now!
     Especially those with no recent data (Kevin, Jackie, Michiko)

2.  HELL WEEK TI – Work IT!
-    Last chance to push the envelope.
-    Last one of the year, whatever you do, make it hurt (no injuries), make it count!

3.  BEACH CLEANUP – Sat Sep 8
-    YES, this Saturday!
-    Right after practice
-    Bring your Space Dragons Jersey to represent!
-    Last one of the year, let’s do it right!

4.  SAN DIEGO RACES – Oct 20-21
-    ~$35-$50/person for entering into 1-2 divisions
-    Lots of lodging with varying price range
-    Last year we had Space Camp! Some of us camped at local campground on the bay
-    Fun, unofficial tournament - last chance at competition in 2012!
-    RESPOND on the evite if you are interested! 
-    Deadline to determine if we will go is this SUNDAY!!!

-   We haven't forgotten.  One push-up for each dollar owed.  Did you pay up and get current on dues and fees? If not, we're coming at you on Saturday and Sunday!  
-   Seriously, next week will be crazy then the season is OVER!!! Its a lot of down time after that, so help team mgmt clear out the books in preparation for 2013!!!

Don’t Forget that LAST weekend Practice POLL?

-- your captains