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Dec 12, 2012

SD Weekly Digest 12/12/12

13 Days Til Christmas….
Tree trimming, gift shopping, gatherings, travel planning and FEASTs with roast beast, don’t forget to sneak in some Training! You will feel better before, during and after your feasts!

-   Reminder: For those that participated in the Nov 24th event and are signed up for Jan 1st, contact captains if you would like to give up your spot to share the experience. We will try to fill those spots with other interested Space Dragons!
-   That means, if you have not signed up, contact captains if you would like to give it a try!

   - Remainder of 2012 practices are at 9a!
   - We are working on technique and light endurance
   - Dust off your paddle, loosen up your PFD and come on out and enjoy the beautiful CRISP mornings =)
   ** Fill-out (and keep updated with changes) the poll!    Now using Doodle!

3.  2013 Alcan Dragon Boat Festival (VANCOUVER) – Fri Jun 21 – Sun Jun 23 
-   I know it’s early but this is a  B I G   D E A L!
-   While our regular warm up tournaments, Tempe and Baby LB, are still in play
-   Start your plans now for Vancouver.  Things to consider:
    * Time off: Try to schedule arrival Thu or early Fri to available for a Fri practice in Vancouver!
    * Passport: Canada travel requires a passport, it must be valid through Jan 2014
    * Travel Costs: Start saving today! One less beer a week is already $200 saved ;)
    * Evite: Check out evite and sign up (Yes, Maybe, No) and keep it updated =)
    * Questions: Have questions? Need convincing? Ask your favorite vet!
4.  Parkas
-   Our order of 21 parkas is in!  See Gracey for your parka if you haven't already received it.
          -   Sad that you didn't get in on this big order, even though Gracey gave you ample opportunity to jump in on it?  Now you have a second chance!  Email Marina about ordering a parka - she's setting up another parka order.  Last chance before the 2013 season starts!
5.  L.A. Food Bank Volunteering
Thanks for supporting my new years resolution guys!!”- Emily
It was a great show of teamwork as well as an opportunity for mixing it up with fellow Long Beach team X-Generals!

-- Your Captains!!!