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Jan 2, 2013

SD Digest 1/2/13

Happy New Year !!!
Here’s to a Healthy, Happy 2013!

2013 Season starts THIS Saturday, January 5th
   - That’s right, formal practices start this Saturday, Mark your calendars…
   - That also means the beginning of Attendance and late penalties! You like push-ups, right?
   - Tentative 9:00am both Sat AND Sun (9:30-11:00 on the water)
   - We are still waiting to hear the final word from SCDBC on our 2013 practice times, STAY TUNED!

** Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!

2.  2013 Dues!
-   Have you Heard?!!!  ** No Increase ** Our very successful 2012 fundraising efforts helped cancel out increases in registration and tournament fees.  What does his mean?
-   Dues stay at the low 2012 rate of $100 adult, $50 minor (under 18)
-   As always, checks payable to Space Dragons, give to Denise, Roger or Robert
-   If you need to make installment arrangements, contact captains, we are very flexible!
-   Thank You Marina and Jeff for being the 1st to pay 2013 Dues!  Time for you to pay too!

2a.  2012 Unpaid Dues Reminder
      -   First-off, we have to say, GREAT JOB with paying your dues and fees in 2012!!!  Clap clap clap … Really, the vast majority of unpaid dues are for the YEP and Auction.
      -   But, let’s help Denise, our devoted accounting officer, close out the 2012 books so we can focus on a successful 2013!  If you are unsure if you owe anything, Captains will be sending you a reminder to help you out, we’re helpful like that ;)

-   Hats off to the Jan 1st New Years Crew!  Proceeds will be a great head-start to 2013 fundraising efforts =)
-   Major thanks to everyone for waking up early on new years day!  Lots of hard work and running around, a few rude customers, plenty of funny moments and too many hot dogs later, I’d say it was a smashing success of a fundraiser.  We’ll get our final tally in a few days.
-   Let’s also thank our November 24 crew, who raise just a hair over $450 for the team!

4.  2013 Alcan Dragon Boat Festival (VANCOUVER) – Fri Jun 21 – Sun Jun 23 
-   I know it’s early but this is a  B I G   D E A L!
-   While our regular warm up tournaments, Tempe and Baby LB, are still in play
-   Start your plans now for Vancouver.  Things to consider:
    * Time off: Try to schedule arrival Thu or early Fri to available for a Fri practice in Vancouver!
    * Passport: Canada travel requires a passport, it must be valid through Jan 2014(6mo from travel date)
    * Travel Costs: Start saving today! One less beer a week is already $200 saved ;)
    * Evite: Check out evite and sign up (Yes, Maybe, No) and keep it updated =)
    * Questions: Have questions? Need convincing? Ask your favorite vet!

5.  CPR Certification for All Steers!  Special Note from Step 
RSVP for CPR class on the Evite  ALL year-around steers (practice and tournament) will need to be CPR-certified by June 9th. In your Evite response please include your:
Full name
Team name
Specify: steer, coach/captain, or paddler.
-          $35 Fee will be covered for steers already certified or who will be certified by CPR class date only
-          If you are not a steer, feel free to participate in this opportunity, but you will be responsible for the $35 class fee.

6.  SCDBC School Painting
-   On Saturday, January 19th, the SCDBC is going to use its off-season to give back to the community by working with Compton Initiative to paint a school in Compton. Invite friends and family; the more the merrier! Evite!

-- Your 2013 Captains!!!