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Jan 5, 2013

Space Dragons 2013! Part 3a: SDWW

And now, a message from our SDWW sponsors:

Happy New Year Everyone!  

Now that we've finally finished our 2012 season and most paddlers have already come out to practices on the water, I feel that our "off the water" workouts are just as important.  Our regular season for 2013 is now in full swing!  Gone are the days of "taking it easy" and just plain 'ol laziness (I'm guilty of that too, lol).  We've survived the count downs of Doomsday, Fiscal Cliff, and New Years.  Mark your calendars for one last countdown to our ever-so-beloved SDWW!!  That's right folks, in long form for those not familiar..... "SpaceDragonsWeekdayWorkouts" will be in full effect starting Wednesday, January 09th!  Yes, right after the holidays indeed.  While other teams on the beach continue to chillax during this time of the season, we'll be out there rebuilding our cardio (or maintaining for some... ahem*Jeremy), while burning out those holiday calories.  These workouts helped tremendously in improving our performance on the water as well as winning a race, and not to mention our general health overall.  Let's show the competition that we are still on top of our game. 

Please e-mail me and Coach Lesley, if you're interested and wish to be added to the e-mail list for either South Bay or South Pasadena.  It may need to be cleaned up a bit from last season's distro.

Hope to see you all soon!  Cheers!

Es (& Lesley)