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Feb 24, 2013

Pre-Tempe 2013 OC-2 Test Results!

The first OC-2 test of the year can be a little daunting, and today was no exception!  It's been six months (including three months of off- or pre-season) and two major eating holidays since the last test.  Some people rest, others hit the gym.  Toss in a refurb of the OC-2, and it's hard for anyone to know what to expect.

This is only one data point of what will become a full season's worth of data.  It's still early season, and there will be many more opportunities to show improvement and consistency.  In fact, the next test date will be April 7, so mark your calendar!

It was a long day, with set-up starting at 7am and clean-up not ending until 3:30pm, so special thanks to:
JEFF for filming everyone's test
ESMER for transporting the OC-2
ROD for walking laps up and down the dock to record the times
DEVANT for escorting every single paddler to the starting line and being the voice of encouragement for that tough journey to the finish line.

Great job to everyone who came out to test!!  Results can be found here.