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Mar 27, 2013

SD Digest 3/27/13

Great start to the season! … Let's keep it up.
 1.  Tempeeeee!
§  Didn't we tell you it'd be a blast? Oh yes we most certainly did!  And what a magnificent blast of a time it was!  Post-tournament recap will be on the blog shortly, but if you're curious for results, I’m pretty sure it's all over Spacebook already!
§  Results officially HERE!
§  Big thanks to our coaches, our tournament manager and all of our teammates who made this a successful and enjoyable trip.  And as always, thank the volunteers and event organizers too!  Multiple-Hardware for everyone! Hooray! 
Clank Clank Clank

2.  Practice – 3/30 & 3/31, IT'S ON
§  Due to popular demand, we will be holding regular practice on Saturday and Optional practice on Sunday (Easter).
§  If you are a steersperson, please email so we know we have enough steerspersons for Saturday and Sunday.
§  Keep the poll up-to-date!
§  YES REGULAR PRACTICE.  That means 9:00am on the beach, 9:30am on the water.  And if you show up after 9:15am (by captain's timepiece), you're late.

3.  Friends and Family Day – 4/6, Saturday
§  Sign up!
§  Recruit newbies! Bring friends and family for a day of fun on the beat and on the water.
§  Starts at noon.  There will be some on-land instruction for newbies before we hit the water.  The more the merrier, bring folks out just to check out the sport!
§  SIGN UP FOR POTLUCK by emailing Denise. Don't know what to bring? Here’s some starters. Email Denise for more suggestions:
Lunch main dishes
sandwich trays, L&L, rice, noodles, spam masubi, chicken
Cut up veggies
veggie trays
fruit trays
Side dishes
green salad, pasta salad, fruit salad
Healthy snacks
granola bars, trail mix, mixed nuts, cheese/crackers
cookies, brownies

4.  Baby Long Beach – 4/28 Sunday
§  Evite will be out shortly.  You know the drill!  Mark it on your calendars now. 
§  Get ready to defend the home turf!

5.  Alcan – 6/21 – 6/23
§  Two boats registered and a few paddling slots still available. Sign up via Evite (see below) NOW!
§  Please keep the Evite updated!

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