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Jun 13, 2013

Hop on the Special Boat to Oakland!

With only two more months until Oakland, it's time to throw some extra training into the mix.  I know many of you have already been working hard, pushing that wall at practice, in the gym, at the track.  What else can you we do to prepare?

Hop on the Special Boat!  We now have the Special Boat reserved both Saturday and Sunday before practice.  From now until Oakland, the Special Boat will be focused on the little things that we don't take the time to work on in regular practice anymore.  What are those things?  Technique.  Timing.  Cadence.  Effectively transferring power into the water.  The first six strokes of the start.  The recovery.  There will be a coach on the bow with a super critical eye, looking for perfection.  Don't expect a "hard" workout - tabatas, intervals, finishes will be saved for regular practice.  Do expect pause drills (I know, your favorite), waltz drills, exit drills, paddling with your eyes closed.  What you learn in Special Boat can be practiced further in the higher intensity environment of the regular practice that follows.

As always, Special Boat is open and encouraged for everyone, regardless of your paddling goals or paddling ability.  If your goal is to tik sum rass in Oakland, consider Special Boat as an important way for you to do your part in getting us one stroke closer to Italy.